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Maintaining Quality Of Customer Support In The Face Of Hyper-Growth

March 15, 2019

Hootsuite’s entire support team used to be located in one office – everyone worked in the same room. But they went through a phase of rapid growth that added four offices, scattering the team across the globe into unique time zones.

Inconsistencies arose in the quality and type of support that customers were getting from each office. They implemented a QA program to:

  1. Monitor discrepancies in process between offices, and identify opportunities for alignment
  2. Systematically identify areas for ongoing training
  3. Improve the onboarding process based on QA findings to solve for larger issues

This webinar will walk you through how Hootsuite dealt with quality and consistency while growing into a global team.

Copy of Copy of HootsuiteWebinar_KB_v4.jpg

Inside You'll Find Takeaways Like:

The tools and processes Hootsuite put in place to ensure seamless communication across a global team 👈

The relationship between onboarding, QA, ongoing training, and constant product updates

And so much more✨🦄🌌