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Enable powerful coaching sessions from anywhere in MaestroQA

Elevate your coaching experience with the updated Omni-Present Coaching feature. Seamlessly create, customize, and track coaching sessions to foster impactful discussions and drive agent development.

Prepare coaching sessions from anywhere in MaestroQA
Customize coaching points and cover specific KPIs
Provide data-driven feedback linked to particular tickets and comments
Share sessions, set action items, and track completion with ease
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Effortlessly onboard agents and enhance coaching sessions with pre-designed templates

Access preset coaching templates to introduce coaching, conduct productive one-on-one meetings, set expectations, discuss KPIs, and facilitate performance reviews.

Utilize welcome templates for onboarding
Leverage one-on-one templates for regular meetings
Set SMART goals for agent development
Enhance performance reviews for long-term growth
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Amplify your coaching strategies with in-depth reporting and actionable analytics

Quickly identify coaching trends, pinpoint improvement areas, and foster a culture of accountability at all levels. Optimize your coaching insights with in-depth filters, customizable coaching categories, and detailed drilldowns.

Identify coaching champions and those needing support
Analyze session trends to highlight agents or teams needing attention
Understand the frequency and distribution of coaching sessions
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See how Gousto Drives Customer Satisfaction with Performance Visibility & Coaching

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"Pivoting into Maestro is all about: let's really create a true conversation where all parties had a seat at the table and they could express how they felt, they could share, 'where are their pain points?' 'Where were their knowledge gaps?' And from there, properly record action items. Very much closing the loop with the agent to 1) give them a seat at the table, and 2) have accountability for both coach and agent in the room as well."

Michael Whittaker
Customer Care Training & Quality Manager

Optimize support teams' workflows with MaestroQA data and coaching interface directly within Salesforce

Access customizable dashboards, feedback tables, grading scores, coaching sessions, and to-dos in Salesforce for streamlined agent performance management.

Access customizable QA dashboards
Streamline agent feedback and grading
Seamlessly integrate coaching sessions
Optimize agent performance in Salesforce
Eliminate the need to train on multiple tools
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Seamless QA integration and enhanced coaching within Zendesk

Elevate agent performance and coaching with the MaestroQA Zendesk Native app, seamlessly integrating QA scorecards, coaching sessions, and customizable metrics within Zendesk for a frictionless in-app experience.

Access coaching sessions alongside ticket information
Customize metrics and view performance dashboards
Provide feedback and suggest features for continuous improvement
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10 Customer Service Coaching Tips to Boost Agent Performance

Our guide offers strategies and templates to enhance coaching skills, optimize training sessions, and provide insights on QA scorecards.

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