CSAT doesn't tell the full story.

Our capabilities give you deep insights and correlate trends between agent performance and quality.

Customizable scorecards for your unique business needs:

  • Works with your scorecard framework
  • Easily build scorecards with auto-fail and bonus sections
  • Use linear scoring, custom scoring, and include non-scoring sections
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call center quality assurance form
call center agent training

Support agent performance improvement

  • Deliver transparent, pinpointed feedback
  • Empower agents with access to their quality audits
  • Create consistent performance amongst agents
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Eliminate human error and manual processes with workflow automations:

  • Assign interactions for graders to review automatically
  • Perform calibrations for consistency in grader quality
  • Schedule automated reports to team leads and management
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customer service quality assurance automation
call center quality assurance metrics

Actionable insights with in-depth reporting:

  • Break down QA scores by CRM data (tags, CSAT, and custom fields)
  • Easily compare agent, team, and BPO performance
  • Customize reporting via data warehouse integrations or Reporting API
  • Understand the true relationship between CSAT and quality
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Ensured customer privacy and data security:

  • EU-US Privacy Shield compliant and SOC2 Type 2 certified
  • Comprehensive audit logs and exports
  • Integration with SAML and SSO providers such as Okta, One Login, ADFS, and JumpCloud
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