Automate manual & repetitive tasks to grade more tickets (and get more insights)

Standardize (and customize) your scorecards
Generate the data you need with flexible scoring options, auto-fail sections, and more.
Automatic grading assignments
Assign tickets to graders based on tags, ticket status, or other fields.
Automated grade sharing with agents
Close the feedback loop quickly to improve performance.

Coach with confidence

Create a coaching culture from a centralized platform
Empower human conversations in a digital world.
Shadow agent workflows with Screen Capture
Get full visibility into how tickets are handled to give agents targeted coaching.
Close the loop on training
Seamlessly assign content from your LMS and view tickets side-by-side with coaching points.

Collect strategic insights on CX gaps

Correlate CSAT with Quality across individuals + the team
Get the full story on agent performance.
Perform root cause analysis on interactions that drive low CSAT or churn
Gain actionable insights to drive customer loyalty and boost CSAT.
Create reports that identify training and process gaps
Empower agents to succeed in their role.

Always secure

Our platform is the most secure on the market. Customer privacy and data security are at the forefront of everything we do, so you can QA with confidence. We’re EU-US Privacy Shield compliant, SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and HIPAA-compliant.