We're looking for people who are...

We have three core values:

Constantly Pushing to be Better

(as humans, as professionals, and as a company)

Believers in Speed as a Habit

(iteration is in our DNA, and we know when to slow down to speed up)

Structured Thinkers

(we break down problems, prioritize thoughtfully, and ask each other the tough questions to come to the best solutions)

MaestroQA Culture

BuiltIn Award:
2023 Best Places to Work

Best Startups to Work for (US)
Best Startups to Work for (Fully Remote)
Best Place to Work (Fully Remote)

We are grateful to have won these awards, but are even more grateful for the people who make these a reality. Cheers to the Maestro team for continuing to put their all into our culture and pushing us to constantly get better.

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Team Offsite '24

We have three core values: