Improve agent experiences with better coaching, improve customer experiences with better process.

Get full visibility into how tickets are handled, so you can address unseen issues that impact agents and customers' experiences.

More Human QA = Better Agent Experiences

Screen Capture illuminates everything that goes into helping customers, creating more actionable and targeted coaching conversations. More instructive 1:1s = a more positive agent experience.
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Classpass coached a struggling agent with Screen Capture and saw a 14.5% increase in QA score.

I can see exactly where our agents are looking in our knowledge base, and see if we need to improve resources for them, to improve their jobs!
— Rylee Gulde, CX QA Specialist, Classpass

Optimize CX Processes for Agent (and Customer!) Success

Your team is only as good as what's happening behind the scenes. Screen Capture uncovers gaps in workflows and resources - from incorrect knowledge base articles to clunky processes - and helps you fix them.
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Stitch Fix uncovered efficiency drivers that resulted in updated hotkey practices.

In 1:1s I can now say, 'I see you clicked back and forth, it seems like you struggled with this decision. Let's talk about your mindset in solving this ticket.'
— Kelly Moloney, Client Experience Lead, Stitch Fix

Make your quality assurance process complete
with Screen Capture.

More targeted and impactful feedback with video annotations

Screen Capture was designed with coaching in mind. Annotations enable you to highlight and write notes on videos so that feedback is clear and easy to understand.

Increase training effectiveness while working from home

Not only is Screen Capture omni-channel and multi-platform, it also works on any computer. No matter what work-from-home setup your team has, you can shadow customer interactions for onboarding or ongoing training.

QA with confidence

Customer privacy and data security are at the forefront of everything we do, so you can QA with confidence. All screen recordings redact credit card information, and we're EU-US Privacy Shield compliant, SOC2 Type 2 certified, PCI Compliant, and HIPAA-compliant.

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