MaestroQA vs Stella

Based on feedback from users who trialed both systems, discover the unique strengths of each platform to find your perfect match.

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An honest perspective

We spoke to prospects who trialed both products and asked them to give us honest feedback on both. Here’s what we learned:

QA + CSAT Tool

Stella Connect recently merged with Medallia and their biggest value proposition is that they offer both a survey tool and QA tool in one.

Basic QA Needs

Stella Connect by Medallia has a QA tool that checks off the basic needs, but they are not investing as heavily in this area which leads to inefficient product workflows and reporting.

VOC Focus

Medallia’s product roadmap is set to focus on delivering primarily “voice of customer” insights and leveraging its native survey tool to do so.

QA + Reporting + Coaching Tool

Maestro’s value proposition is offering the best tool for easily finding and reporting on agent performance and then coaching those agents to drive improvement.

Advanced QA Needs

Maestro’s product is known to support advanced QA teams and their needs. Our features drive efficiency and allow for easy customization.

Performance Excellence Focus

Maestro’s product roadmap is set to focus on delivering insights on the performance of your team to drive team improvements, which will lead to business and customer experience improvements.

Final Verdict: MaestroQA vs Stella

Stella Connect by Medallia will appeal to teams primarily looking to consolidate their survey and QA tool in one and prioritizing voice of customer insights. In contract, Maestro attracts teams who are looking for a tool that will deliver and drive critical improvements in team performance and therefore result in business and customer improvements as well.

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