Customer Service Coaching Program

Only half of underperforming agents say they receive the training they need to do their job well, according to Salesforce. So how can customer experience leaders bridge that gap? Customer service coaching.

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I don't know where my department would be without MaestroQA. The program helped my team define an excellent level of support, then worked with us to raise the bar.
Jessica Bright
Customer Support Manager

Automate Coaching Processes with QA Scorecards

Quality Assurance (QA) scores are the foundation of a solid customer service coaching strategy. MaestroQA scorecards provide granular, individualized insights—not arbitrary opinions—into how an agent performs against a company’s quality standards. Use QA scorecards to simplify the coaching process and share essential customer feedback to your support teams.

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Leverage Screen Capture for Software For Full Visibility

Rather than relying on text alone, a good customer service coaching strategy includes screen captures, an effective method for reviewing interactions and sharing feedback. MaestroQA screen capture provides 100% visibility into how tickets are handled to understand how agents utilize resources like your knowledge base, LMS, and more.

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Personalized Customer Service Coaching is the Key to Improving Agent Performance

Implementing a customer service coaching strategy is critical for improving customer service agent performance. Individual coaching sessions are proven to refine soft skills that enhance the customer experience. See how MaestroQA can help impact critical metrics that matter, like CSAT, NPS, agent retention, and more.

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Key Advantages to Implementing MaestroQA’s Customer Service Coaching Program

  • Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT). Review customer interactions and act on negative feedback so you can improve the customer experience.   
  • Track agent performance & progress. Gather performance data and track agent progress to ensure they’re improving over time and meeting their goals. 
  • Effective coaching sessions. Leverage powerful tools that give your managers valuable and actionable insights for 1:1 coaching sessions with their customer support agents. 
  • Save time. By automating customer service quality assurance processes, your customer service team will cut down on precious time so they can focus on providing better customer experiences.