QA Software to Improve First Call Resolution for Call Centers

In your customer’s ideal world—and yours too—every request would be solved on the first customer support interaction. We don’t live in a perfect world, but there are steps you can take to improve an important metric: first call resolution (FCR).

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Boost Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

If First call Resolution has an inverse relationship with Average Handle Time and other efficiency-based call center metrics, why spend any time thinking about it? Improving First Call Resolution also improves customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Customers dread being placed on hold, getting transferred to other agents, and explaining their situations over and over again. Forcing customers to expend a lot of energy is not a good idea. And doing so will only erode your CSAT (customer satisfaction) score in the long run.

Customers want easy—not complicated. They want one interaction with support requests, not a bunch of repeat calls. Give customers what they want, and you’re sure to see a boost in CSAT.

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Enhance Agent Performance and Efficiency. Lower Operating Costs.

Tracking First Call Resolution on customer calls helps measure a team's efficiency and effectiveness. It can have a positive impact on agent productivity and customer relationship management. Your agents want to make a difference. They want to help customers become more successful and satisfied with the experience. Prioritizing First Call Resolution encourages agents to do exactly that.

It also unleashes their creativity to identify opportunities to effectively serve customers, which leads to improved processes and workflows for your customer service team. This, in turn, decreases the call volumes and operative costs so you can focus your efforts on providing quality customer experiences.

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Measure First Call Resolution Better With Trustworthy QA Data

Instead of just measuring and collecting customer support data, you can better understand and pull actionable insights by combining the sentiment analysis and CSAT scores with our platform’s QA data. Leveraging the QA data can help your first call resolution rates in several ways:

1. QA serves as a check to ensure that your agents are following your FCR best practices.

2. QA data is key for surfacing new insights into customer interactions to increase FCR further.

3. QA data enriches all of your other metrics and helps you get the full story behind agent performance.

See how Lyft increased its FCR using QA Data

Increase Customer Retention while Decreasing Churn From Poor Customer Service

Track customer interactions with QA tools so you can understand the sentiment of your customer calls. If you can identify where your support team agents are misstepping through customer feedback, you can create a plan to correct them and increase your customer retention rates.