Empowered Frontlines: Wealthsimple's Innovations in Customer Service Excellence

Discover How Merging Team Lead Roles with Quality Assurance Drives Enhanced Communication, Coaching, and Overall Client Experience.

The Team Lead Approach

Recently, we hosted a session with Anne Dorval, Senior Associate of Client Experience Operations & Enablement at Wealthsimple. During our conversation, Anne unveiled the transformative approach of using team leads as both coaches and graders, leading to notable enhancements in customer satisfaction. Dive in as we unpack the major insights from the discussion.

Takeaway 1

Merging Team Leads with QA for Holistic Insights

At Wealthsimple, the traditional lines between Team Leads and Quality Assurance teams have been blurred. This innovative approach ensures firsthand insights directly from the frontlines, leading to:

  • Clearer communication with agents.

  • More effective and relevant coaching.

  • Enhanced agility in adapting to changing business needs.

Quick Tip

By integrating your QA processes with team lead roles, you can gain direct insights into frontline operations, allowing for faster decision-making and more relevant feedback to agents.

Takeaway 2

Dynamic Scorecards for Different Business Lines

Dynamic Scorecards for Different Business Lines

  • Tailored scorecards for various business verticals, from investments to taxes.

  • Specialized scorecards during high-demand seasons like tax time, focusing on critical behaviors such as ticket resolution speed and customer-friendly communication.

  • Quick iterations on scorecards based on real-time feedback from team leads.

Quick Tip

Create customized scorecards based on specific business verticals. Regularly revisit and refine them based on real-time feedback to ensure they're always relevant to the evolving needs of each department.

Takeaway 3

The Importance of Automation & Adaptability

Wealthsimple champions the role of automation in QA processes. Anne Dorval highlighted how automation:

  • Facilitates handling massive ticket volumes, especially during busy seasons.

  • Offers agility and adaptability to QA processes.

  • Reduces manual overhead and lets the team focus on quality assurance effectively.

Quick Tip

Invest in automation tools that can handle ticket evaluations, especially during peak times. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency in quality assurance.

Takeaway 4

Leveraging Data for Quality Management

Instead of just tracking metrics, Wealthsimple uses its vast pool of data to:

  • Identify and address any agent with a CSAT below 75% on a rolling 30-day basis.

  • Personalize coaching based on real-world feedback and performance metrics.

  • Paint a comprehensive picture of customer sentiments and agent performance.

Quick Tip

Implement a system where customer feedback (like CSAT scores) directly influences agent coaching. This ensures that your coaching efforts directly address areas that matter most to your customers.

Takeaway 5

The Power of Experimentation

One of the standout points from Anne's talk was the emphasis on experimentation. She advocated:

  • Staying agile by testing new strategies and approaches.

  • Embracing failures as learning opportunities.

  • Growing and evolving by staying open to new ideas and methodologies.

Quick Tip

Encourage a culture of experimentation within your team. Start small – run pilot tests of new strategies with a subset of your team before rolling them out company-wide.

"If I've learned anything from my pretty short QA journey, it's to not be afraid to get scrappy and to experiment. The worst thing that happens is it doesn't work and then you just move on, but at least you tried and you learned something. That's been the best way to grow."

Anne Dorval

Senior Associate, Client Experience Operations & Enablement at Wealthsimple

A Look Forward

Wealthsimple is already envisioning the future of QA:
  • New versions of their scorecards with nuanced grading.

  • Storytelling through QA – utilizing QA data to provide insights into customer sentiments and business trends.

Quick Tip

Encourage a culture of experimentation within your team. Start small – run pilot tests of new strategies with a subset of your team before rolling them out company-wide.

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