Transform Your BPO Operations

Elevate your BPO operations with MaestroQA, where exceptional performance becomes the standard. Effortlessly gain complete visibility into agent performance, enhancing both effectiveness and customer satisfaction on a global scale.

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Standardize Excellence Across Your Teams

Ensure consistency and accuracy in grading

Distrust in BPO-generated QA scores? Take control with MaestroQA’s calibration tools. Measure grader productivity, facilitate calibration sessions, and deep dive into QA insights to maintain high standards and consistency across all evaluators.

Visualize success with performance dashboards

Drill down into data for pinpoint accuracy

Our Performance Dashboards transform complex data into clear, actionable insights. Easily identify performance hotspots and areas needing attention, monitor coaching effectiveness, and uncover trends. Optimize training and boost productivity across your BPO teams.

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Insights tailored for maximum impact

Harness data-driven analysis for every interaction

With Auto QA, bid farewell to the constraints of traditional quality assurance. Our advanced algorithms analyze 100% of customer interactions, offering you a clear, unbiased view of your BPO operations. Customize KPIs to suit your business needs and leverage out-of-the-box metrics for immediate quality improvements.

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Unleash deeper insights with screen capture

Gain actionable insights through dynamic visual analytics

Transform how you understand and enhance your BPO operations with MaestroQA’s Screen Capture technology. Capture every significant moment in customer interactions with our innovative 'Moments' feature, which highlights crucial segments for in-depth analysis. From call holds to tool usage and ticket flagging, gain actionable insights into agent workflows for targeted coaching and process refinement.

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Empower with targeted coaching

Coach with data-driven precision

MaestroQA brings unprecedented visibility to BPO coaching, moving away from isolated spreadsheets to a centralized, transparent platform. Customize and track coaching sessions linked to specific KPIs and tickets. With everything visible in one place, enhance agent performance seamlessly across your teams—no matter where they are.

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Higher performing BPO agents create happier customers

The world’s most recognizable and loved brands trust MaestroQA to centrally audit and optimize the performance of their BPO agents (offshore/onshore) throughout the customer journey.


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