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Empowering human-centric quality assurance

We understand that true quality assurance goes beyond automated scores. That's why Auto QA serves as a catalyst for human-centric insights. Rather than relying solely on algorithms, our approach combines the efficiency of automation with the expertise of your QA team.

Insights tailored for maximum impact

Gain instant clarity on your KPIs with Auto QA. Whether it's our out-of-the-box metrics or your custom-created KPIs, Auto QA analyzes 100% of tickets for comprehensive data across all metrics. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decision-making.

AI meets human expertise

Discover actionable insights as our AI-enhanced analytics reveal the data behind customizable metrics. With Auto QA facilitating targeted QA, effortlessly pinpoint root causes for in-depth root cause analysis, empowering proactive improvement strategies.

“The ability to do Screen Capture on chat and SMS was also something we didn't have before. So it checked all the boxes.”

Jose Castro
Director of Customer Care, OnTrac

Transforming Auto QA data into actionable strategies

Visualize data at the team, agent, or ticket-level on our Performance Dashboard  to effortlessly identify areas for improvement. With the ability to drill down into specific metrics, coaching agents effectively becomes second nature, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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