Performance Dashboard

The key to performance excellence is in your hands

Elevate agent performance with customizable insights, AI-enhanced precision, and seamless agent coaching and development

Do more in a single platform

All of your metrics in one place — get tailored insights for your organization’s critical workflows.
Achieve comprehensive visibility by integrating Auto QA, Manual QA, helpdesk, and workforce management data
Effortless monitoring of multiple metrics on a unified dashboard
Streamline coaching and development with a consolidated view

Coaching, grading, and beyond

Grant non-agents a bird's-eye view of rankings on the Performance Dashboard.
Coach, grade, and provide feedback directly from the dashboard
Elevate your coaching sessions with insights gathered from your custom dashboards
Identify training needs and proactively address underlying issues

Feature Overview

Shareable dashboards

Share admin-crafted dashboards seamlessly across users

Selectively share dashboards customized for specific teams with their respective members

Different dashboard views cater to both agents and non-agents

Customization options

Create custom heat maps to easily pinpoint performance trends

Craft bespoke dashboards tailored to your company's specific needs

Effortlessly fine-tune details using display options, filters, and more

Gamified leaderboards

Turn performance tracking into an engaging experience

Ignite excellence by cultivating friendly competition through leaderboards

Gain a holistic perspective on agent rankings compared to their peers

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Unique use cases

Embrace innovative QA solutions to unleash business-wide excellence

Explore insights through custom-tailored use cases that align with your unique goals

Extend excellence beyond traditional customer interactions

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AI-enhanced insights

Gather insights on customizable Auto QA metrics

Automated agent quality KPIs

Targeted QA for root cause analysis

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Amplify impact

Leverage QA results to work directly with agents

Gain a beneath-the-surface view into BPO performance for joint continuous improvement

Articulate the value of QA, offering a direct path to ROI

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“With MaestroQA's heat map, we've left the old world of navigating through multiple spreadsheets behind. Now, everything is in one place - a true game-changer for productivity and clarity.”

Adanna McAlpin

Manager of Quality & Training

Visualizing Performance

Delve into Screen Capture metrics to analyze and understand workflows at a deeper level.
Elevate the coaching experience with enriched insights through Screen Capture videos
Back up data with valuable observations captured through back-office workflow analysis
Find coaching and process insights faster by highlighting the moments that matter in your recordings
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Precision refined, performance elevated

Elevate your data game with AI Classifiers – uniquely tailored to align with your team and company goals. These highly customizable classifiers analyze 100% of tickets, unlocking key insights for root cause analysis, trend identification, and beyond.
Tailor classifiers to your team's unique needs with our custom metric builder
Utilize GPT-4 AI technology for precise phrase generation, keyword identification, and classifier refinement
Integrate AI Classifiers seamlessly into the Performance Dashboard to access real-time data, automate QA metrics, and gain centralized insights
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