Elevate team performance with gamified leaderboards

Foster a culture of continuous improvement and performance excellence through friendly team competition

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Friendly competition, amplified

Gamification meets excellence in MaestroQA’s — create an environment of friendly rivalry among agents with customizable Leaderboards.

Customize Leaderboards to reflect the metrics that matter most to your team's success
Adjust who can see the rankings and set the stage for healthy competition, from team-wide visibility to selective top performers
Allow agents to compete against their peers, whether within specific teams or against the entire organization
Motivates agent to ascend the ranks and strive for the coveted top spot

Elevate performance dashboards

Grant non-agents a bird's-eye view of rankings on the Performance Dashboard.

Give a comprehensive look at individual agent rankings against their peers
Click on interactive trophy icons for a direct route to the Leaderboard interface
Dive into rankings on individual metrics and gain valuable insights for performance improvement

Configurable customization

Leaderboards can be customized and tailored to your team’s unique needs.

Configure Leaderboards to highlight performance within specific teams or departments
Fine-tune visibility settings to ensure recognition for top performers while still motivating those at the lower end
Choose from various Leaderboard display options on the Performance Dashboard, tailoring the experience to suit your team's preferences and needs

Gamify the agent experience

Inspire a mindset of excellence, driving agents to continually improve and embrace a culture of high performance.

Enable agents to benchmark their performance against colleagues, driving a sense of achievement and friendly competition
Promote a positive and supportive work environment by recognizing and celebrating the successes of top-performing agents
Use Leaderboards as a tool to encourage collaboration, as agents work together to reach new heights of performance excellence

Learn how to unlock peak performance and foster a culture of excellence with MaestroQA’s Leaderboards

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