Level Up Strategies to Enhance Impact

Learn How Quality Teams Are Leveling Up Strategies to Enhance Impact in 2024

Your quality team can make a bigger impact. Here’s how:

Strategy #1

Expand the scope of your quality program

Streamline both front and back-office workflows
Drive business-wide performance excellence through quality

There are many use cases that will allow the scope of a quality program to expand based on a company’s unique goals. For example, QA in customer success ensures continued positive interactions, tailored customer success strategies, and value creation.

Check out our webinar on Non-Customer Support QA Use Cases to learn more about all of the ways your team can expand the scope of your quality program!

Strategy #2

Connect quality to coaching

Use AI-Driven coaching tools to provide more real-time insights that add value when paired with manual QA
Align Quality Assurance efforts with coaching initiatives to break down silos and enhance overall performance
Utilize QA data to identify knowledge gaps and providing targeted coaching sessions, resulting in a more knowledgeable and efficient support staff

Organizations are integrating QA tools with coaching platforms to create a seamless feedback loop, fostering continuous improvement among agents.


Responsible for both QA and Coaching

Participants were polled and 56% indicated they are responsible for both quality to coaching, meaning 54% are not. This represents a significant opportunity. Embracing both responsibilities empowers team members to own a larger share of the responsibility and expand the impact of quality.

Strategy #3

Increased BPO Partner Collaboration

Aim for a beneath-the-surface view into BPO performance
Establish joint continuous improvement programs with BPO partners to drive collective excellence

Organizations are using collaborative dashboards for sharing quality data with their BPO teams to drive alignment and quality.

Strategy #4

Culture of performance excellence

Implement recognition programs tied to quality metrics, fostering healthy competition among agents
Empower agents to propose and lead improvement initiatives based on their unique insights

Implement a gamified QA system, where agents can access a leader-board, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Strategy #5

Focus on Agent Development

Use QA results to work with agents directly
Emphasize the importance of agent development

Leverage QA data to identify training needs, provide targeted coaching, and address underlying issues


Articulate the value of QA through the coaching + development of their agents

17% of participants from our poll said they articulate the value of QA through the coaching + development of their agents. This is the future of quality.

Focusing on agent coaching and development not only enhances quality, but also offers a clearer and more direct path to demonstrating ROI.

Unsure where to begin?

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Poll Results

Hear from our community on the topics of role responsibility and how they articulate the value of QA

Poll #1
Are you responsible for both QA and Coaching?
Poll #2
How do you articulate the value of QA?

Non-Customer Support QA Use Cases

Gain insights from our CEO, Vasu Prathipati, as he discusses how quality team are leveling up strategies to enhance impact in 2024. Quality teams can not only diversify their approach but also stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful quality strategy.