Revealing the Top 11 AutoQA Metrics

Spotting “Hot Spots” in Call Center, CX, and Support Operations

Exploring Our Top AutoQA Metrics

We analyzed our customer data and hand-picked 11 popular AutoQA metrics that demonstrate the precision and transformative capabilities of these insights. These metrics provide a new lens for CX teams, uncovering hidden insights that traditional methods miss completely.

Screenshot Requested

Unlock insights into agents' troubleshooting techniques for improved efficiency.
Helps identify agents' troubleshooting approach.
Measures the balance between asking for screenshots and internal research.
Provides a coachable metric to improve customer issue resolution efficiency.

Negative Sentiment

Zero in on customer pain points by detecting dissatisfaction in real-time.
Detects negative customer sentiment in conversations.
Focuses on identifying agents with higher rates of negative sentiment interactions.
Enables coaching to improve customer interaction quality and empathy.
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Low Empathy Response

Gauge agent empathy, ensuring that customers feel genuinely heard and understood.
Evaluates the agents' responses to highly negative sentiment from customers.
Measures the use of personalization and empathy in responses.
Aims to ensure responses come across as empathetic and not robotic.
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High Effort - Chat

Streamline customer interactions by identifying effort-heavy chat patterns.
Analyzes chat interactions for signs of high customer effort.
Considers factors like chat length, back-and-forth, and repeated phrases.
Helps identify areas where customer interactions can be made more efficient.

Re-Open Rate

Maximize first-time resolutions by tracking and rectifying reopened conversations.
Tracks the rate at which resolved conversations are reopened.
Focuses on ensuring resolutions are complete and meet customer needs.
Aids in assigning the right agent to handle reopened issues effectively.
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Repeat Empathy

Encourage genuine connections by avoiding repetitive and insincere empathy phrases.
Evaluates the frequency of repeated empathy statements in responses.
Aims to avoid the use of repetitive and insincere empathy phrases.
Encourages more varied and genuine empathy in customer interactions.

Internal Processes Followed

Maintain consistent quality by ensuring agent adherence to key internal processes.
Assesses adherence to internal processes during customer interactions.
Helps ensure agents follow specified procedures accurately.
Enables coaching for process compliance and efficiency improvement.


Optimize first-contact resolutions by monitoring and reducing ticket transfers.
Measures the frequency of ticket transfers between agents.
Evaluates the effectiveness of initial issue handling by agents.
Aids in optimizing ticket routing and minimizing unnecessary transfers.

Email Close Rate

Evaluate efficiency with a focus on the final touchpoint in email interactions.
Tracks which agents successfully close email interactions.
Focuses on the final agent's role in resolving email inquiries.
Complements the First Contact Resolution (FCR) metric for email support.

Time in Knowledge Base

Bridge training gaps by assessing how often agents rely on knowledge resources.
Monitors how often agents refer to the knowledge base during interactions.
Analyzes the duration agents spend accessing knowledge resources.
Helps identify training and knowledge utilization gaps.
of event participants found this AutoQA metric the most interesting

Chat to Email

Fine-tune multi-channel support by tracking chat-to-email transitions for complex issues.
Measures the frequency of transitioning from chat to email for issue resolution.
Reflects the need for multi-channel support in resolving complex issues.
Assists in optimizing the chat-to-email transition process for better customer experiences.

Unveiling AutoQA Metric Categories

In addition to the individual AutoQA metrics we've discussed, let's also explore the overarching categories that these metrics fall into. Understanding these categories provides a structured approach to enhancing your customer service quality assurance strategy.

Automated Quality Metric Categories

Financial Impact
Upsells, concessions, refund management and winbacks
Reviewing the effectiveness of BOT interactions with customers
Agent compliance to policies
Process Adherence
Monitoring of agent processes against expectations/guidelines
Customer Effort
Measuring the effort of the customer in getting their query resolved
The effectiveness of the agents response(s) to customer queries
Looking into the effectiveness of escalations/handoffs
Soft Skills/Connection
Genuine agent connection with their customers in [company] expected brand voice

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