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Unlocking the Top 5 Auto QA Metrics

Spotting “Hot Spots” in Call Center, CX, and Support Operations
Join MaestroQA CEO & Co-Founder, Vasu Prathipati, for an insightful webinar diving into the world of automated quality assurance (Auto QA) metrics. Discover how leading companies leverage heat maps to strategically apply targeted QA efforts across diverse use cases. Learn from real-world examples sourced from MaestroQA customers, unveiling the power of Auto QA KPIs.

When: Available Now
Where: On-Demand

This is part of a twice-a-month webinar series so stay tuned for more!

In this strategy chat, Vasu will discuss:

Explore key Auto QA metric categories: Financial Impact, Compliance, Customer Effort, and more.
Master heat map strategies: Optimize QA by pinpointing high-impact areas.
Realize results through case studies: Learn how diverse businesses are using a Performance Dashboard as a heat map to drive success

About CEO/CX: Strategy Chats

Twice a month, MaestroQA hosts insightful chats about the evolving role of customer experience within the business organization. We will explore emerging trends, challenges and opportunities to harness technology to increase the bottom line impacts of CX on business revenue and growth.

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CEO of MaestroQA:
Vasu Prathipati

Vasu is the accomplished CEO and Co-Founder of MaestroQA, a company that has transformed the customer support landscape through data, analytics, and automated workflows. He has assisted hundreds of top-tier brands to revamp their CX strategies, delivering tangible results and exceptional customer experiences.

A renowned thought leader and speaker, Vasu is a leading authority on modernizing customer service to enhance business impact, including QA, training, and agent performance. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering tangible results, Vasu and his team at MaestroQA are dedicated to transforming customer service into a strategic partner for driving brand growth and improving CX.