GetFeedback Integration

MaestroQA + GetFeedback

Integrate MaestroQA and GetFeedback to view all your key data in one place

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All Your Data in One Place

Connect MaestroQA and GetFeedback to easily access all your crucial customer and quality data in one convenient view. Simplify your teams' operations and enhance customer satisfaction with unified, clear data.

Easy Integration & Customizable Reporting

Empower your team and drive continuous growth by seamlessly incorporating Five9's out-of-the-box metrics into MaestroQA & utilize AI classifiers to build custom logic that highlights customer interactions directly impacting your business goals.

One-Click Integration: Link MaestroQA and GetFeedback seamlessly with a single click and anticipate full data synchronization within just 1-2 hours
Data Personalization: Effortlessly adjust your dashboard to reflect aligned CSAT rating scales between MaestroQA and GetFeedback while linking CSAT scores with specific agents, surveys, & date ranges
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Clear Advantages for Your Team

MaestroQA integrates with Five9 to provide an affordable solution for companies by transcribing 100% of calls without the high expenses associated with per-minute or per-hour charges from other providers

Understand DSAT: Perform DSAT analysis to understand and directly address customer concerns
Elevate Your Agents: Leverage grading automations, initiated by agent performance on CSAT, to uncover valuable insights and foster enhanced coaching opportunities.
Make CSAT Data Work for You: Easily tailor your CSAT data to fit your specific needs, ensuring you get the most use out of it.Easily tailor your CSAT data to fit your specific needs, ensuring you get the most use out of it.
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Embrace the integration of MaestroQA and Qualtrics, and let’s navigate towards simplicity, intelligence, and efficiency together.

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