Five9 Integration

MaestroQA + Five9

Seamlessly integrate Five9 to import omni-channel support interactions and productivity metrics

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Quality for all channels of support

Automatically bring 100% of phone calls, emails, and chats into MaestroQA for quality observation through a no-code integration.

1-click integrations allow you to sync all customer interactions from Five9 into MaestroQA for analysis without the need of engineers
Utilize 100% call transcription support to gain deeper insights into agent-customer phone interactions
Stay organized with clear tagging of agent and customer comments in chats and emails, enabling you to report on customer service insights effectively
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Enhance analytics for agent performance

Empower your team and drive continuous growth by seamlessly incorporating Five9's out-of-the-box metrics into MaestroQA & utilize AI classifiers to build custom logic that highlights customer interactions directly impacting your business goals.

Combine metrics to craft custom Quality KPIs for comprehensive performance assessment and pinpoint areas for targeted QA initiatives
Get a complete view of agent performance and productivity through seamless integration with our KPI dashboard
Surface critical trends and insights with fully customizable metrics powered by AI, Auto QA, and call data
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Grade & report faster with 100% call transcription

MaestroQA integrates with Five9 to provide an affordable solution for companies by transcribing 100% of calls without the high expenses associated with per-minute or per-hour charges from other providers

Diarize conversations to differentiate speakers, providing insights for improvement in agent performance and customer service
Interactive transcript UI enables efficient grading by skipping dead time and identifying friction points
Easily report hold time or escalations for analysis
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