Customizable report builder for call center QA insights

Leverage customizable call center quality assurance reporting to drive impact in your organization's people, processes, and products.

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Improve grader efficiency for QA managers

Boost productivity with MaestroQA's Grader Performance Dashboard for streamlined quality assurance grading processes and actionable insights.

Accelerate grading analytics with quality assurance metrics such as Average Grading Time (AGT)
Track grader alignment and grading volume for team consistency
Optimize grading practices by analyzing appeals trends
Establish calibration guidelines
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Optimize call center agent performance

Unleash the power of MaestroQA's Agent QA Performance dashboard to boost agent effectiveness, monitor QA trends, and enhance the quality of customer interactions.

Track progress and optimize call center agent QA performance
Identify improvement areas with feedback
Monitor quality trends, identify top agents
Set benchmarks and compare teams

Learn how Etsy improves Customer Satisfaction and Lifts Agent Performance by 14% with MaestroQA's Quality Assurance Program

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“Insights picked up during QA lead to coaching opportunities about 98% of the time. MaestroQA surfaces issues that can be fixed at the agent level, such as CX skills and other behaviors that need to be changed.”

Susannah Lescher
Quality Program Manager

Streamline calibration alignment

Utilize MaestroQA's Calibration Alignment Reporting to streamline calibration, enhance consistency, and ensure accurate scoring across graders.

Analyze grader alignment in reports
Address scoring discrepancies
Break down alignment by specific criteria
Track grader performance over time
Facilitate effective communication in calibration
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Close the Feedback Loop

Elevate your Quality Assurance (QA) strategies with MaestroQA's Engagement and Coaching Metrics. Gain actionable insights, track progress, and drive improvement in feedback processes.

Measure agent engagement rates
Track agent progress and trends
Analyze customer service coaching effectiveness score
Identify coaching opportunities, performance gaps for team leaders

Improve grader efficiency for QA managers

Use AI classifiers to build customizable logic that categorizes and labels data, improving efficiency and accuracy in analyzing customer interactions for valuable insights and performance measurement.

Customize Auto QA metrics
Visualize essential metrics with heat-map
Ticket-focused QA, coaching, feedback
Track agent and call center performance, drive improvement
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Learn how Novo is using Auto QA Reporting to Get to Root-Cause Faster & Prevent Customer Friction

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