Achieve alignment and accuracy with calibration workflows

Trust your quality evaluation process with our calibration workflows designed to enhance collaboration, precision, and consistency.

Elevate alignment and consistency in agent evaluation

With team calibration, evaluate agent performance individually using the same scorecard, then convene for a live Calibration Session to align on evaluation criteria, address discrepancies, and provide feedback for improvement. Establishing a regular calibration cadence promotes consistency in grading practices and helps ensure trustworthy QA data.
Conduct collaborative sessions
Align on evaluation criteria
Provide feedback & coaching for improvement
Establish calibration guidelines
GraderQA vs Call Calibration

Enhance grading accuracy at scale

Overcome conflicts-of-interest, best-behavior biases, and scalability issues in team calibrations with GraderQA. Our unique workflow employs benchmark graders to re-grade random tickets blindly, producing an alignment score for accurate standards, alignment, and reliable grading metrics.
Streamline distribution of graded tickets to calibrators
Calibrate graded conversations
Automated Grader QA reporting
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See how Stitch Fix Empowers Agents by Building a Better Calibration Workflow

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“Regularly looking at tickets as a department makes it easier for agents to build the muscle for dealing with difficult situations. We’ve normalized the expectation that we’re driving toward commitment, not consensus.”

Jenni Bacich
CX Global Programs Manager

Optimize QA metrics with customizable calibration reporting

Identify discrepancies and facilitate discussions for improvement. Address alignment gaps, modify rubrics, and work closely with specific graders to optimize QA metrics and enhance confidence.
Generate detailed calibration alignment reports
Identify discrepancies for targeted improvement
Monitor grader performance over time

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Learn how to use calibration custom reporting to increase transparency and optimize support quality at your outsourced BPO partners.

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