How MaestroQA Helped Reduce Average Handle Time

The Challenge:

Needed a way to holistically measure the quality of their customer experience

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The Implication:

Could not convert their CX data into actionable insights that boost efficiency

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The Solution:

Increase the volume of quality audits by 48% to identify AHT improvements 

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The Impact:

Average Handle Times reduced by 30%

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Recognizing early on that a stellar customer experience would set them apart from their competitors, invested heavily in their experience team. brand values prioritize the customer experience's company culture prioritizes the customer experience.

“We’ve seen customers consider other products for the added features, functionality, or bells and whistles that they had, but ultimately choose to stick with us because of the experience that our team delivers.” said MaShari Walker, CX Strategy and Operations Leader. “Customer experience is a core part of the DNA, and a core part of our product as well.”

Read on to learn more about how used QA to reduce their AHT by 30%, or watch the full session below!

The Challenge: Lacked a way to holistically measure the quality of their customer experience

The project management industry is a highly competitive one. As an extension of the product and the wider brand, the experience team faced a lot of pressure to perform. 

“Our support has been the difference between converting a non-paying customer and losing them to a competitor on so many occasions,” said Walker. “We’ve learned to dig beyond the surface for every ticket, even on accounts that are on trials or are using a free version of the product.”

One of the ways that the experience team differentiates themselves is through the speed and quality of their in-app support.

“We have an incredible in-app support experience,” Walker said. “If you're in the platform and have a question, you’ll hear back from the experience team in 10 minutes or less.”

Apart from adherence to their strict 10-minute support SLA, the team measures the customer experience across multiple parameters.

“We measure everything,” said Justin Junious, CX Team Manager. “From NPS, CSAT, and AHT, to Customer Effort Scores...and down to whether they’ve been using the tools we’ve recommended for their pain points. We’re extremely data-driven.”

Even with the myriad data points that they measure, the experience team realized that they were only scratching the surface when it came to understanding the experience that their customers were having.

“We needed a better barometer of how our customer interactions were going,” said Walker. “Metrics like NPS and CSAT were too one-dimensional and didn't result in any action items that allowed us to iterate on or improve the experience.”

The Solution: Increase the volume of quality audits by 48% to identify AHT improvements 

Realizing the need for richer CX insights, the team turned to MaestroQA.

“If you want to drive change in any metric, whether it’s First Call Resolution, AHT or CSAT, you have to start with the quality of the experience,” said Junious. “Conversely, just pushing for an improvement in one metric—FCR for example—isn’t going to necessarily mean that the quality will be there.”

MaestroQA gave the ability to scale up grading amongst their experience team with their advanced quality assurance scorecards; they increased the volume of quality audits by 48% within the first three months of implementation.

Grading more tickets allowed the team to glean more insights from their customer interactions - and also allowed them to address new areas for improvement that were previously unknown.

“For example, “What are the ways in which we need to uplevel our team?” “When do we need to scale up the team?” “Where are we missing the mark?”” Walker said. “These are the answers to questions we never even knew we had, and that’s where quality has really revolutionized the way we work.”

The Impact: Average Handle Times reduced by 30%

Reliable QA data, reliable integrations, and an efficient grading workflow empowered to dig deeper and identify new areas of improvement.

Coupled with the data that the team was already measuring,’s experience team was able to piece together insights that allowed them to improve their process flows. used MaestroQA’s CX QA platform to reduce average handle time (AHT) by 30%
The team shared their stellar improvements at MaestroQA's The Future of Quality event.

“We’re now able to complete 48% more audits than before,” said Junious. “This has allowed us to focus on even more areas of improvement—such as AHT. QA took one-dimensional metrics like NPS and CSAT, and gave us the full picture behind why those performances weren’t good enough, and how we could improve.”

One of the most consequential outcomes of their new program has been process improvements that have reduced their Average Handle Time from 24.1 minutes to 16.9 minutes—an improvement of almost 30%! 

These time-savings have allowed the team to deliver on their 10 minute in-app response time SLA while maintaining interaction quality.

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