Navigating the DSA with Confidence

As the Digital Services Act takes effect, your responsibility for content moderation, transparency, and user appeals becomes pivotal. Discover how MaestroQA’s advanced QA tools help you align with DSA regulations, maintain high standards of operation, and avoid fines.

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Understanding the Digital Services Act

What is the DSA and why does it matter to you?

The DSA aims to create safer digital spaces by regulating large online platforms. Non-compliance could lead to fines up to 6% of global turnover. Explore the act’s requirements for content moderation, user reporting, and transparency in algorithmic processes.

We can't make any mistakes because we simply cannot afford a 6 percent fine of global revenue if we don't do appeals properly, so we see QA as the secret ingredient to our long-term success.”

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The role of QA in DSA compliance

Leveraging QA as your strategic asset

Effective QA processes are your first line of defense in complying with the DSA. MaestroQA helps you monitor and enhance the accuracy of content moderation and appeals through real-time quality checks and detailed analytics, ensuring consistent adherence to policies.

Visualizing compliance through screen capture moments

Capture every workflow with precision

With MaestroQA's Screen Capture technology, visualize key interactions that demonstrate compliance or highlight areas needing attention. This feature allows for precise review and coaching, turning every moderated content or appeal process into a learning opportunity.

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Enhancing transparency with analytics

Empower decision-making with data-driven insights

Utilize MaestroQA's Auto QA analytics to gain a clear view of your operations and compliance status. Our detailed Performance Dashboard and reporting tools can be customized to provide transparency into agent performance, policy adherence, and operational efficiency, helping you make informed decisions to stay DSA compliant.

Audit and calibration

Ensure accuracy across all levels

Regular audits and calibration sessions are crucial for maintaining high-quality standards. MaestroQA facilitates these processes by allowing you to compare internal quality scores with external benchmarks, ensuring that your enforcement measures align with DSA requirements and industry best practices.

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Integrations for seamless operations

Streamline your tech stack for better compliance

MaestroQA integrates smoothly with leading helpdesk platforms like Gladly and Salesforce. This seamless integration enhances the consistency and reliability of your QA processes, making it easier to maintain compliance with complex regulations like the DSA.

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