MaestroQA + Salesforce

Unleash MaestroQA's power in your Salesforce ecosystem for exceptional support, agent development, and optimized processes.

MaestroQA Integrations

Omni Channel Support

Omni-channel support assigns agents across channels based on skills, using QA insights to optimize efficiency. MaestroQA identifies agent skill sets, guiding support strategies and improving performance.

Service Cloud Voice

MaestroQA Screen Capture capabilities seamlessly combine screen recordings and audio recordings, enabling evaluation of agent performance using video+audio to assess and analyze interactions.

Digital Engagement

MaestroQA's integration retrieves 100% of customer interactions, facilitating Auto QA, custom metrics, and support insights. This includes channels like email, messaging, live chat, and chatbots, extending beyond service-related scenarios to encompass marketing and other engagements.

Quick setup and complete sync

MaestroQA's one-click integrations pulls cases and other meta-data directly from Salesforce or other CRMs directly into the MaestroQA platform, enhancing QA processes and optimizing workflows.
Seamless synchronization of tickets/cases from popular helpdesks and CRMs into MaestroQA
Integrate with Zendesk, Salesforce, Helpshift, Kustomer, Intercom, Freshdesk, and more!
Tickets automatically populate and sync daily, as quickly as every hour
Enhances agent performance for exceptional customer experiences

Streamline agent insights and coaching

Drive agent performance and customer satisfaction to new heights with data-driven coaching conversations. The Salesforce x MaestroQA Native app integrates QA data, coaching data, and analytics insights directly within Salesforce, eliminating the need to switch between systems.
Access grading data, coaching data, and analytics insights without leaving Salesforce
In-app coaching dashboard empowers agents to track their performance
Feedback Table views to enhance collaboration between agents and managers
Customizable analytics for personalized QA and support insights
Simplifies agent workflows, reducing platform switching
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“The ability to do Screen Capture on chat and SMS was also something we didn't have before. So it checked all the boxes.”

Jose Castro

Director of Customer Care, OnTrac

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Enhance performance and compliance

Screen Capture is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, allowing you to record and monitor your team's screen activity to improve performance.
Record directly in your helpdesk or native app via a seamless google-chrome extension
Targeted coaching with Moments feature tracking specific URLs and workflows
Omni-channel solution for capturing agent interactions
Achieve compliance and privacy with our secure configuration options
Identify process gaps and bottlenecks for improved efficiency
Screen Capture

Complete the agent feedback loop all within Salesforce

MaestroQA has partnered with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice to enhance your support operations, drive agent excellence, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
Access Lightning Web Component widgets for an enhanced user experience
Utilize a side-by-side QA scorecard inside Salesforce for meaningful agent performance assessment
Unlock the potential for agent development and career growth with Maestro's insights
Harness extensive QA data within Salesforce for smarter, data-driven decision-making
Improve key metrics like CSAT, NPS, AHT, and FCR with MaestroQA's integration
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[Webinar] Champion-Challenger Model: How to Drive Better BPO Agent Performance & Happier Customers

Gain insights from Justin Evans, a seasoned CX expert, as he discusses how he effectively utilized a Salesforce + MaestroQA tech stack to centrally manage and report on quality assurance,.

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