How to Evaluate “AI” Vendors in CX

Learn the essential steps for evaluating AI partners and crafting an RFP

5 Tips to Select the Perfect AI Partner to  Supercharge Customer Support

Avoid being among the 30% burned by AI vendors*

*stat from our latest CEO/CX Strategy Chat

With the emergence of AI and ML technologies, teams are seeking new metrics to evaluate their support teams. However, there is a lot of confusion and mixing of concepts among potential buyers of this technology.

To help, we created a guide based on customer interviews and engagement with the Customer Experience community, which will assist in making informed decisions in choosing the perfect customer support partner, maximizing ROI, and revolutionizing AI for customer experience.

Evaluating AI to transform the customer experience?

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Tip 1

Trust Plays a Significant Role

In the AI industry, overselling is common. Choose a vendor with a sense of honesty and integrity that you trust. Many buzzwords and stats are used to impress people, making fact-checking difficult.

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64% agree this is critical to their evaluation process

Tip 2

Specialization is Crucial

To ensure targeted, high-quality solutions, select an AI vendor that specializes in one or two areas of the AI vendor map below. When creating an RFP, organize your questions according to the insights you want to uncover and the jobs you need done. Avoid the common pitfall of creating only one category for "AI" since AI can perform various functions (ie. VOC, AutoQA, and Agent Insights).

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Tip 3

Demand a Self-service Pilot

To examine the quality of insights the AI vendor can offer for your business, a self-service pilot is vital. The main risk in implementing an AI solution is ensuring that its technology works for the nuances of your business, which can be derisked only through a pilot.

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97% agree this is critical to their evaluation process

Tip 4

Concentrate on Real-time and Post-conversation Analytics Independently

Real-time and post-conversation analytics serve different objectives and require unique solutions. Choose separate solutions to ensure that you get the most appropriate technology for each challenge.

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Tip 5

Prioritize Actionability Over Cutting-edge Technology

Give importance to AI vendors that emphasize the actionability of insights over their core technology. AI insights should become a core part of your team's workflows.

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Auto QA Webinar

According to 45.65% of our community, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is now considered an outdated and misleading metric for evaluating people. With the help of AI tools, companies can automate customer support and improve customer experiences by unlocking new ways to generate support metrics and perform targeted deep dives.

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