PLAYVOX Integration

MaestroQA + Agyle Time

Seamlessly integrate your Agyle Time workforce data and productivity metrics with MaestroQA

Effortlessly sync your support team structure

Automatically synchronize your support team structure, including agent user and groups, ensuring always up-to-date operations for maximum efficiency and collaboration.
Automatically update agent and user groups based on employee attributes
Sync employee attributes from Agyle Time for seamless group management
Streamline QA workflows and improve operational efficiency
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Elevate agent performance analytics

Empower your team and fuel continuous growth by seamlessly integrating Agyle Time's workforce management metrics into MaestroQA. Experience higher impact insights from the fusion of WFM, Auto QA, and AI.
Monitor WFM efficiency metrics, including adherence, occupancy, and AHT, directly within MaestroQA
Gain a holistic view of agent performance and productivity via a seamless integration with our KPI dashboard
Surface critical trends and insights with fully customizable metrics powered by AI, Auto QA, and WFM data
Analyze team-wide or individual performance to uncover areas for improvement and drive growth
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[Webinar] How to Build BI Solutions for your QA Team

Watch this on-demand webinar exploring efficient approaches to creating in-house business insights solutions for QA Teams.

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