Workflow Automations

Streamline QA workflows

Unlock the benefits of automated QA workflows to efficiently assign, evaluate, and share feedback.

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Effortlessly assign and evaluate agent performance

Ensure fair agent performance assessments with the power of randomized assignments automation. Our system randomly selects tickets for evaluation, creating an unbiased environment that gives every agent equal opportunity for evaluation and growth, promoting overall service excellence.

Randomized ticket selection to avoid bias
Automated assignment and sharing with graders
Pre-defined rubric selection for grading uniformity
Ensures all types and complexities of tickets are evaluated

Maximize business impact with targeted ticket assignment

Leverage advanced filters in our grading automation to surface tickets that offer the most meaningful opportunities for agent evaluation and coaching. With targeted grading assignments, you can drive exceptional customer experiences, enabling strategic business growth.

Select tickets with a strategic business focus or objective in mind
Trigger automations by specific topics, processes, or policy areas
Facilitate in-depth analysis of targeted coaching opportunities
Offer focused coaching and reinforcement for improvement

Learn how Dialpad is Providing Real-Time Feedback for the Values-Focused CX Team

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“You could see our agents light up with a renewed understanding of our vision and values, and of Dialpad’s emphasis on empathy above all other things.”

Brynn Gaeta
Team Lead for Support QA

Elevate agent engagement and performance

Engage agents in their performance by providing continual, standardized feedback. Improve agent performance and operational efficiency with automated, timely, and interactive feedback delivery.

Standardized and continual performance feedback
Set due dates to track agent engagement
Reduce the workload of graders
Automated ticket distribution to agents
Customizable notifications for graders and agents
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Save time providing consistent feedback at scale

Leverage our GraderQA Automation to streamline feedback exchange between Benchmark and Original Graders. Eliminate manual searching and ensure consistent, insightful feedback while promoting a deeper understanding of agent performance.

Admins configure automation settings
Independent ticket re-evaluation for unbiased feedback.
Instant, direct feedback delivery to Original Graders
Notifications keep everyone updated on assignment status

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