Providing Real-Time Feedback for the Values-Focused CX Team

Dialpad’s Challenge:

Agents needed to embody their company values in interactions

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Negative Implication:

Unsure if agents were following set processes or retaining knowledge from training

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The Solution:

Implement a values-based QA rubric to benchmark agent performance

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Impact at Dialpad:

A more engaged, confident, and empathetic CX process!

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Dialpad’s cloud phone system and other products drive the CX programs of many leading brands around the world - including Motorola, Plangrid, and the Financial Times. Customers who contact Dialpad’s support team for help are usually under tremendous pressure - more often than not, their own brand reputation and customer experience quality is on the line. 

Dialpad’s products are fairly complex, and their CX interactions usually range from product education to CX strategy conversations. These are high stakes interactions, and are also opportunities for Dialpad’s team to show great empathy and connect with their customers, from one CX professional to another.

Brynn Gaeta, Team Lead for Support QA, recalls an occasion when Dialpad’s Chief People Officer visited the BPO team based out of the Philippines, and spoke at length about their values and culture.

“You could see our agents light up with a renewed understanding of our vision and values, and of Dialpad’s emphasis on empathy above all other things.” 

That gave Brynn inspiration and direction - their CX program should lean heavily on their company values of empathy and understanding to help their customers.

Challenge: Dialpad needed a way to provide real-time feedback and coaching to help agents adhere to values-based CX approach

To get their new approach up and running, Dialpad needed a codified, values-based CX program, as well as a way to provide real-time feedback and coaching to help their agents adhere to it. 

Brynn started by defining the team’s Support Values based on a mixture of the company’s values, as well as the group’s collective philosophy of how they should treat their customers. Together, they came up with a set of Support Values:

Show Respect and Empathy, Be Humble, Constant Communication, and Always Ask Questions.

These values would go on to form the basis of their QA grading scorecards.

But beyond that, Dialpad needed a way to know if their agents were adhering to the new processes, retaining knowledge from training, or expressing their new emphasis on empathy in customer conversations. At the same time, Dialpad was moving away from using scripts in the call center - a decision that meant that a consistent customer experience and resolution would be harder to achieve.

The Solution: Implement a values-based QA rubric to benchmark agent performance against company values

Dialpad turned to MaestroQA for help with implementing their new values-based CX program.

With the flexibility of the MaestroQA program, Dialpad was able to fully customize their QA scorecards, with each section reflecting one of their team’s Support Values.

The new QA program also brought more structure to the coaching process. This allowed managers to go into 1:1 coaching sessions with insights and areas of improvement for the agents they were evaluating. Graders now had a framework on which to evaluate the consistency of the experience that customers were receiving - without having to check against a script.

Impact at Dialpad: More engaged, confident, and empathetic agents!

The consistent stream of trusted QA data that MaestroQA provided let coaches preempt and point out problem areas for the agents on their team. This allowed the different levels of the CX team to look out for one another, and to build better trust and understanding.

This new, structured approach to coaching also enabled agents to benchmark their own performance over time, and use that data to make the case for promotions or bonuses. Beyond career progression, it enabled team leadership to shine the spotlight on the good work agents were doing. 

The renewed focus on QA and values has helped the team uplevel from focusing merely on productivity metrics like AHT, or potentially incomplete metrics like CSAT, to providing a holistic picture of their CX quality.

Over time, this renewed focus on quality encouraged agents to engage more with Dialpad’s QA program, and created a vibrant and open culture of feedback on Dialpad's CX team.

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