How Sendle Built a Scalable Coaching Program with MaestroQA

Sendle’s Challenge

Overcoming an unscalable coaching program that relied on time-consuming administrative work and lacked a source of truth

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Negative Implication

Declining CSAT score, coaching inconsistencies, unreliable coaching data

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The Solution

Reimagining Sendle’s coaching program by centralizing data and processes in MaestroQA

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Impact at Sendle

An agent coaching program that’s scalable, transparent, and easier to manage

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Sendle is focused on making small business delivery simple, reliable, and affordable. Free pickup and dropoff, ecommerce integrations, budget-friendly rates, and an intuitive user dashboard are reasons why customers have trusted Sendle to send packages over 25 billion miles.

Sendle’s customer support team of agents (aka “champs”) plays an essential role in ensuring successful outcomes for its small business clients. In this case study, you’ll learn why Sendle turned to MaestroQA for enhancing its agent coaching program.

Challenge: Elevating CSAT through coaching

Sendle’s previous coaching program relied on manually prepared documents, which created lots of administrative work for managers and made it difficult to track agent progress over time. Lacking a central place to store its coaching data meant that Sendle could not easily evaluate coaching’s impact across the organization. Differences in coaching processes among team leaders led to even more complexity.

After experiencing a temporary drop in CSAT, Sendle’s CX team began formulating a coaching-centric plan to correct course and turn coaching into a strategic advantage. “The goal is to improve our CSAT through coaching,” said Stacy Perez, Quality Analyst at Sendle.

Solution: Building a scalable, transparent coaching program with MaestroQA

Migrating Sendle’s coaching program to MaestroQA significantly reduced the amount of administrative work involved with agent coaching. Coaching templates in MaestroQA eliminated the need to manually generate one-off documents prior to coaching sessions. “Coaching templates set alignment within the team, helping them to provide the right details and preventing things from being missed,” Perez said.

Flagging topics for future discussion became easier, too. “It’s easy for team leaders to track tickets with customer feedback and add them into coaching sessions,” Perez said. Team leaders can also assign to-dos for specific agents, which encourages accountability and supports successful coaching outcomes. Agents are invited to add notes and share their feedback about the session, too. Coaching notifications automatically keep team leaders in the loop as agents take certain actions. “Team leaders get notified whenever a champ has completed their coaching session, which relieves them from having to check every time,” Perez said.

Using MaestroQA to coordinate coaching sessions led to a growing amount of coaching data, which helped Sendle objectively assess the impact of its coaching initiatives. Being able to view a champ’s CSAT and QA score on a single screen in MaestroQA made it easier for team leaders to understand recent performance. The Coaching Reporting Dashboard and Agent Engagement reports in MaestroQA helped the CX team maintain a high-level overview of Sendle’s coaching program trends.

Impact: Increased transparency and engagement, better coaching data, and streamlined communication—with less admin effort

It’s only been a few months, but Sendle is already experiencing positive results from its revamped coaching program in MaestroQA.

Team leaders now have more time for coaching their agents compared to before. Accessing agent-specific QA and CSAT data and prior coaching logs helps managers identify opportunities for improvement, recommend appropriate training materials, and tailor their coaching to each champ’s needs. “It’s easy to gain insights on why a person is performing a certain way,” Perez said. Team leaders also have peace of mind in knowing that follow-up assignments are automatically tracked by MaestroQA.

Champs enjoy a more predictable, familiar coaching experience with MaestroQA. “Having the coaching tools in MaestroQA has standardized the process for everyone,” Perez said. Agents also have a structured way to share feedback about coaching sessions, which closes the feedback loop with managers. Transparency into their own QA and CSAT metrics encourages increased levels of ownership. “We want champs to be engaged and proactive in improving their performance,” Perez said.

QA team members no longer have to navigate multiple documents and systems to access data. Sendle’s coaching, QA, and CSAT data now live in MaestroQA. Interactive dashboards and reports simplify data analysis, freeing up even more time to focus on programs that improve CSAT.

Moving forward, Sendle plans to further accelerate its coaching program with the help of MaestroQA. “We’re really happy with the new features that were recently launched by MaestroQA, and they’re really helping our team,” Perez said. “Keep them coming so that we can be more efficient with the way we work.”

Enhance Your Coaching Program with MaestroQA 

Is it time to reimagine your agent coaching program? MaestroQA offers a suite of coaching tools that streamlines coaching sessions, follow-ups, and reporting.

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