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CSAT Scores VS Quality Assurance Scores – Which Is Better?

January 31, 2018

On the battlefield of customer service, there exist two metrics that are constantly competing for attention: CSAT and Quality Assurance Scores.

Given this is a MaestroQA blog post, you probably think we will say QA Scores are better. Instead, we believe neither is better, both are necessary, and what matters most is knowing when to use one or the other.        

Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT):

CSAT Scores represent how satisfied a customer is with your business as a whole. It does not exclusively reflect service quality. If you are an e-commerce company, it can reflect frustrations with shipping or packaging or return policies. If you are a Software company, it can reflect frustrations with a feature or bug. Thus, CSAT scores reflect how satisfied a customer is with any element of the brand's customer experience.  

So what are great use cases for CSAT? Feedback in CSAT surveys are best used to guide department-wide or company-wide changes, for example:

  • Updating billing policies
  • Updating product packaging
  • Offering a new service channel (ex. Phone Support)

It is often unfair to measure the quality of an agent's work by CSAT Scores.

Customer Service Quality Assurance Scores:

QA scores are the best way to measure the quality of an agent's work. What are great use cases to apply QA Scores?

  • Identifying low performers and high performers based on quality of work
  • Identifying how customer request volume impacts team and individual QA scores to guide staffing and hiring forecasts
  • Identifying coaching and training opportunities on an individual and team level
  • Identifying the right balance between productivity and quality (ex. You don't want to optimize for the shortest Average Handle Time so agents are rushing customers off the phone, but you also don't want agents taking too long to resolve the customer's issue.)

In conclusion, they're really different, and they're both really important – one is not better than the other. QA scores are the best measurement of service quality, and can help you improve your service team. CSAT scores are the best measure of overall customer experience, and can help you drive changes throughout your entire company.

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