Greenhouse Experiences 10% Increase in CSAT by Focusing on Training & QA

Company Name
B2B Recruiting Software
Greenhouse’s Challenge:

Providing technical support to non-technical customers

Negative Implication:

Lower CSAT, lower FCR, longer time to resolution

The Solution:

Ensuring agents are properly trained, then use QA to reinforce these behaviors

Impact at Greenhouse:

10% increase in CSAT 📈

Greenhouse helps its customers become great at hiring. Thousands of companies, including HubSpot, Squarespace, and Wayfair, rely on Greenhouse’s enterprise talent acquisition software to simplify recruiting and onboarding. 

Greenhouse’s internal customer support team consists of approximately 30 agents, who are spread across four locations in the United States and Europe. Greenhouse also relies on an outsourced team from Northern Ireland to supplement in-house efforts.

Read on to learn more about how Greenhouse leveraged QA to gain a 10% bump in CSAT scores, or watch the full webinar here:

Challenge: Resolving technical issues for customers via email and live chat

Greenhouse’s users are primarily non-technical HR professionals, which means Greenhouse’s support team stays very busy responding to hundreds of customer inquiries each week. And, since Greenhouse only provides support through email and live chat, knowing what to say is especially important.

“The main challenge of supporting a technical product over text-based channels is getting on the same page with the customer,” said Jess Bertubin, CS Operations Lead at Greenhouse. “When you’re verbally speaking with a customer, it’s much easier to get context and understand where they’re coming from. If you don’t have these cues, it’s harder to get on the same page.”

The lack of context made it difficult for agents to properly understand each customer’s unique situation.

“If the real issue is jumbled and troubleshooting steps don’t work, agents have to go back into discovery mode to uncover what’s happening, and chat times will be a lot longer,” Bertubin said. “Then you have longer resolution time, lower first call resolution rates, and lower CSAT. Worst case, you lose customer trust and maybe lose their business.”

Seeking to reduce unnecessary misunderstandings and empower its customers, Greenhouse implemented an AI chatbot that points users to relevant help center content. Despite achieving an impressive 30% self-help rate via the chatbot, most of Greenhouse’s customers still preferred to interact with an agent.

Solution: Enhanced training plus a scalable QA program that surfaces insights to improve agent performance

In order to enhance the customer experience by providing even better text-based support, the team doubled down on agent training. 

“We wanted to make sure that agents are well trained on clarification and that they understand the customer’s issue,” Bertubin said. “We want customers to feel heard and to know that there’s a human on the other side who is taking care of them.”

Greenhouse’s training program reinforced the importance of each agent confirming his or her understanding of the customer’s issue before offering any solutions. In addition, agents learned that any pauses in communication—especially via live chat—should be explained to the customer.

“Agents are taught to over-communicate and set appropriate expectations,” Bertubin said. “It can feel like a very different kind of conversation, but it’s the best approach that we have found for helping our customers.”

To ensure that agents were consistently displaying the behaviors encouraged by the training program, as well as to uncover new insights for agent coaching, the CX team turned its attention to building a scalable QA program with MaestroQA.

“QA has helped us build trust in the agents, assess how they’re doing, and then identify retraining opportunities,” Bertubin said. “We can see where they need a boost, and we can also see where they’re really good.”

Result: Elevating CSAT by 10% with better training and data-driven QA insights

Team leaders now use QA insights from MaestroQA to provide agents with actionable feedback during coaching sessions. 

“Regular coaching has helped with morale because it keeps agents engaged,” Bertubin said. “Agents also feel empowered and that they have opportunities to grow.”

Ongoing QA efforts also make it easier for the team to identify content gaps in Greenhouse’s training and knowledge base.

“Sometimes we find through QA that a resource is missing or hard to find,” Bertubin said. “It’s really great to have a QA process that helps us improve training and other key areas of the business.”

Greenhouse’s QA program also provides the CX team with data-driven insights to confidently advocate for product-related changes and enhancements.

“It’s one thing to ask the product team to fix a certain part of the product,” Bertubin said. “But, it’s much more convincing when we’re able to use QA data to show how specific customers, customer types, and industries would be impacted by a change.”

Through the use of QA-supported training programs, Greenhouse has elevated agent performances and holistically improved the customer experience, leading to a 10% increase in CSAT 😍

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