MaestroQA’s Bundle of Joy: Zendesk Suite

May 22, 2019

Today, we announce the launch of our Suite Ready partnership with Zendesk and our friends at Lessonly, Tymeshift, StellaConnect, Geckoboard, Ada and Atlassian Statuspage. Customers on Zendesk Suite will have access to a 25% discount on Suite Ready partner technology for first year annual contracts, as well as the good fortune of interacting with a respectable guestlist of tech partners, working to make an impact on the support space.

Zendesk Suite bundles Support, Guide, Chat, and Talk into a single omnichannel solution that’s easy to try, buy, and set up, all at a great price.
Together, The Suite connects the dots so that you can choose to open and close channels as desired, but always recognize your customer. No contacts slip through the cracks and nothing is lost in one system while you’re working tickets in another.”

CX teams on Suite can better support customers across channels. CX teams on MaestroQA can elevate the abilities of agents to build human and authentic relationships with customers. The two technologies combined result in better-trained agents who can serve customers on the channels of their choosing, directly impacting NPS and customer loyalty (customers currently doing this include Freshly, Hootsuite, Headspace, and Harry’s).

MaestroQA can pull in customer interactions from Zendesk Support, Chat, and Talk for quality assurance purposes. While streamlined workflows and automations in the QA process drive efficiency, the real muscle of QA comes from the insight that it gives support teams into the experiences customers are having while interacting with employees (and then the targeted training that results).

With Zendesk Suite facilitating the interaction, and MaestroQA supercharging employees’ abilities to build genuine relationships with customers, support teams can drive loyalty and improve NPS and CSAT.

The brands that deliver the best customer experiences believe that their customer facing employees have a huge impact on NPS. While some companies try to minimize the amount of time that agents spend helping customers, the best brands do the opposite – they know that a meaningful, brand-building, human touchpoint can carry a customer further along in their journey to brand loyalty.


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