Now Hiring: Customer Experience Management and Quality Assurance Jobs in our Network

July 22, 2020

At MaestroQA, we’ve been lucky enough to have built an incredible community of Customer Experience and Quality professionals over the years. Now, we want to pay it forward by helping our network build up their professional connections and discover their next big opportunity (or next big hire!). 

We asked our Slack Community (request an invite here) about open jobs on their CX management and Quality Assurance teams, and wanted to share them with you. 

Director of Customer Experience roles

Directors of Customer Experience are often the top CX professional in startups and other pre-enterprise companies. They’re responsible for everything from CX staffing requirements, training and hiring practices, providing leadership and mentoring to CX managers, and ensuring that key metrics (like NPS, CSAT, and response times) are met. Our community has these Director of Customer Experience roles that are currently seeking applicants:

Mailchimp - Director of CX (Atlanta, GA)

Mailchimp is a leading marketing platform for small businesses that has truly outgrown their name, having expanded from email marketing services to a full suite of marketing automation tools! 

Their Quality Control team spoke at our annual conference this year, and shared tips on how they increased agent engagement with their QA program through a variety of innovative (and Mailchimp-specific!) tools. You can watch the recording here.

The Farmer’s Dog - Director of CX (NYC)

One of our dream employers to work for - every job posting of theirs has a strict daily belly rub quota - The Farmer’s Dog is looking for a Director of CX to lead their efforts to double their team size from 80 to 150 agents.

Wodify - Director of Customer Success (Philadelphia, PA)

Just like how the Crossfit gyms they serve are a blend of strength and cardiovascular training, Wodify is looking for a Director of Customer Success that brings both Customer Success and Customer Experience skills to the table. Best of all? They’re looking for people with experience using MaestroQA.

Customer Experience Management jobs

Customer Experience Managers are the Swiss Army knives of the CX team. Their job scope involves everything from grading tickets, interviewing new agents, running coaching sessions, reporting on vital CX metrics to upper management, and taking tickets in the queue alongside the agents under their charge - sometimes all in the same day.

Here are a few companies in our network who are looking for their next CX Manager:

Handy - Customer Experience Manager (Indianapolis, IN)

If CX Managers are the Swiss Army knives of the CX team, then this role will help you add a couple more features to that multi-tool. They’re looking for a CX manager that can also act as a liaison and partner with one of their Fortune 500 brands that they partner with for furniture assembly - think Lowes, Walmart, Wayfair and Costco!

Handy’s Senior CX Manager, Paige, spoke on a panel at our conference this year, and shared prime insights on how their CX team is structured, and why they choose to only grade tickets that have received a “dissatisfied” or DSAT rating from the customer. 

Barkbox - Product Experience Manager (NYC)

Barkbox is a brand that clearly takes customer empathy and understanding seriously - apart from requiring candidates to have experience working cross-functionally (CX, Marketing, Engineering teams), they also ask that you are a pet owner yourself!

Quality Assurance Analyst jobs

Quality Assurance Analysts go by many different titles depending on the company, and are typically found in larger, more developed CX teams. 

By having a team of dedicated, quality-focused analysts, CX managers and team leaders are freed up to, well, manage their teams. QA Analysts often work in tandem with CX managers to analyze QA scores, NPS, and agent efficiency metrics to determine opportunities that the team can address through training.

Here are a few similar roles that are open for applications:

Percepta - Quality Assurance Specialist - CX (Houston, TX)

Purple - Team Leader, QA and Customer Experience (Alpine, UT)

If you’re currently searching for your next opportunity, our team wishes you the best of luck! 
Have an open role that you’d like us to list here? Write to us at and we’ll be happy to feature it in our next update!


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