Maintaining Quality Of Customer Support In The Face Of Hyper-Growth

July 12, 2018

Many successful companies today are faced with a similar problem at some point in their existence: they go through a phase of rapid growth in which they’re hiring like crazy to support a growing customer base.  

This recently happened to Hootsuite. Their support team grew across the globe, added four new offices, and the team went from sitting together in the same office to being spread across four unique time zones.

The training lead and QA specialist were tasked with ensuring that customers were happy no matter which support office they called – they had the challenge of making sure the support teams in each office were providing customers with consistent experiences.

They used QA to systematically identify differences between offices, and build processes for aligning their team in the face of being a global organization.

This webinar will walk you through how they tackled this challenge and and continued supporting their customers.

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