Customer Service Quality Assurance Is The Key To Unlocking Higher Customer Satisfaction

August 30, 2018

Traditionally, many discussions of Customer Satisfaction have excluded one of its biggest drivers — high-quality customer service. Over the past couple of years, businesses have been increasing the attention they pay to CX. With 81% of companies expecting to be competing mostly or completely on the basis of CX within two years, companies need to ensure that customers are consistently satisfied in order for them to keep coming back.

Think about your own support experiences. Last week, I had a lace rip on a relatively new pair of shoes that I wear occasionally. I contacted the company, and within five minutes had a new pair being shipped to my home 👡

It was more than just that the agent helped me achieve the outcome I desired (replacement shoes). The interaction was simultaneously professional and human, and I felt like I was chatting with a real person who listened and did what they could to rectify my poor experience.

I probably wouldn’t have bought another pair of shoes with this company if my support interaction were bad — there was nothing particularly special about the shoes themselves, and they cost a little more than I usually spend. But I, like 66% of consumers, was willing to spend more money at a company because of the quality of their customer service (and now will gladly continue to shop with them at the higher price point).

Maintaining a high quality of customer service is essential to creating these exceptional customer experiences. Through the quality assurance process, support leaders can make sure their customer facing employees are consistently creating experiences that make customers come back.  

Read the full report for an in depth look at agent actions associated with improved CSAT

We looked at 150k customer interactions from over 100 companies to quantify the relationship between quality score and Customer Satisfaction scores. This is what we found 👇

Companies with an “excellent” QA score of above 95% saw a higher frequency of positive CSAT scores. Out of every 100 customers the average business with an “excellent” QA score has, 7 more of them will leave satisfied than at a business that did not meet that mark. This difference is huge.

Read the full report for an in depth look at agent actions associated with improved CSAT

Here we see that having high quality assurance scores is strongly tied with increased Customer Satisfaction, and this makes sense. In a world that is strongly orienting itself towards CX, customers will flock to the company that provides them with the best experience.

This whitepaper, “Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Through High-Quality Service,” walks you through all of the agent actions with the greatest impact on CSAT.


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