Elevate compliance in finance with QA

Empower your financial institution with our QA solution, certified as a PCI DSS 4.0 Level 1 Service Provider. Streamline compliance, ensure transaction transparency, and foster trust with unparalleled efficiency and security.

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Fraud Detection

Identify and mitigate potential fraudulent activities swiftly.

Anti-Money Laundering

Stay compliant with AML regulations by detecting and preventing money laundering activities.

Transaction Monitoring

Monitor transactions effectively to identify any suspicious or unusual patterns.

Unusual Activity Report

Quickly flag and investigate any unusual activities within your system.

Dispute Claims + Chargebacks

Resolve disputes and chargebacks efficiently to maintain customer satisfaction.

Lending Complaints

Address lending complaints promptly to uphold customer trust and satisfaction

Know Your Customer/ Know Your Business

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by verifying customer identities and business backgrounds.

Incident Response

Utilize real-time monitoring to intervene in suspicious activities; Perform post-incident root-cause analysis

Regulatory and Privacy Compliance

Provide regulatory bodies with audit support to demonstrate compliance during audits and privacy frameworks including GDPR, MAS, APRA etc.

HummingBird integration

Leverage the HummingBird Integration to bring more automation to QA

Seamlessly integrate with HummingBird to enhance automation and efficiency in your QA processes.

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Customizable scorecard builder

Build customizable scorecards for each compliance use case

Tailor your QA scorecards to meet the specific requirements of each compliance use case, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accuracy.

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Risk-based sampling

Move from Random Sampling to Risk-Based Sampling

Transition from random sampling to targeted risk-based sampling, allowing you to focus your QA efforts on high-risk situations and prioritize resources effectively.

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Remediation workflow and reporting

Markdown, track, and report on critical errors in your QA Scorecard

Identify critical errors in your QA scorecards, track remediation efforts, and generate comprehensive reports for auditors, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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