Measure what matters with customizable scorecards

Gain reliable and actionable insights with our customizable, data-driven scorecard builder.

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Better score controls to advance agent evaluations

Rely on a comprehensive and customizable question design within a rubric to help graders evaluate agents based on set criteria in organized sections for performance scoring.

Organize scoring questions into rubric sections
Use standard, bonus, or auto-fail sections
Select multiple-choice or linear scale formats
Assign custom weighted section percentages
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Gain insights without affecting QA scores

Provide additional insight into agent behaviors, processes, and policy without affecting individual QA scores.

Dropdown menu for options
Checkbox for multiple choices
Optional, no QA impact
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See how Hims & Hers De-Villainizes QA with Scorecards

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"We're not here to criticize; we're here to support. We want to ensure that everyone is doing the best job they can, and we want to equip them with the tools to do so."

Salmeen Majid
CX Quality Assurance Supervisor

Understand what's causing problems, drive actionable insights

Gain deep, actionable insights into business operations with our customizable root cause analysis scorecards.

Product/policy insights
Identify coaching opportunities
Develop action plans
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Provide more granular and personalized feedback

Unlock exciting and personalized insights in rubrics by using conditional questions to prompt specific feedback from graders, without impacting the overall score.

Personalize feedback
Specific insights based on selected options
Avoid impacting overall QA score
Require feedback on key selections
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Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of scorecards

Utilize bonus and auto-fail sections in your MaestroQA evaluation form to incentivize and enforce exemplary agent behavior and performance.

Empower your team to achieve excellence with bonus sections
Ensure security with auto-fail sections
Motivate your team with incentives and consequences
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The Ultimate Guide to CX QA Scorecards

Discover valuable tips and strategies for designing effective QA scorecards that enhance customer experience.

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