TaskRabbit's Journey to Fraud Prevention Performance Excellence ✨

Discover how TaskRabbit bolstered its trust and safety efforts with MaestroQA, enhancing fraud detection and customer protection

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TaskRabbit is an online marketplace connecting users with local professionals for various tasks and errands. Established in 2008, it offers a convenient platform for outsourcing chores and projects with ease and reliability.


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MaestroQA 🤝 Zendesk


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Phone, Chat, Email, Social Media


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Fortifying Trust and Safety Standards

TaskRabbit faced significant challenges in managing and maintaining trust and safety across its diverse network. Key obstacles included:

Inconsistent Risk Oversight: TaskRabbit struggled to ensure consistent adherence to safety protocols and risk management practices across its vast network of Taskers.
Lack of Data-Driven Insights: The absence of a centralized system for tracking and analyzing risk-related metrics hindered TaskRabbit's ability to identify and address potential safety concerns proactively.
High Incident Response Times: Delays in identifying and responding to safety incidents eroded user trust and satisfaction, impacting TaskRabbit's reputation and bottom line.

We've achieved remarkable consistency across our platforms, both internally and regionally, spanning various languages. This newfound uniformity has significantly bolstered our operations, ensuring seamless performance and alignment across the board.

Cody Summers
Global Risk Operations Manager

Empowering with Actionable Insights

TaskRabbit partnered with MaestroQA to implement a comprehensive risk management solution tailored to their unique needs. Key features of this collaboration included:

Customizable Metrics: MaestroQA's platform allowed TaskRabbit to define and track specific risk indicators, such as safety protocol adherence and incident response times, across all Tasker interactions.
Real-Time Monitoring: TaskRabbit gained access to real-time dashboards, enabling swift identification and response to safety incidents as they occurred.
Data-Driven Coaching: Leveraging MaestroQA's coaching tools, TaskRabbit team leads could provide targeted feedback and guidance to Taskers based on performance trends and risk metrics.

Thanks to MaestroQA, we've transformed our risk management processes from reactive to proactive. The ability to monitor and analyze safety metrics in real time has allowed us to stay ahead of potential issues and maintain a safe, reliable platform for all users.

Cody Summers

Global Risk Operations Manager

Driving Operational Excellence

TaskRabbit's partnership with MaestroQA yielded tangible results, positively impacting safety, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction:

Enhanced Safety Protocols: By leveraging MaestroQA's performance excellence tools, TaskRabbit achieved greater consistency in safety protocol adherence across its Tasker network, resulting in a significant reduction in safety incidents and user complaints.
Improved Incident Response Times: Real-time incident monitoring through AutoQA empowered TaskRabbit to identify and address safety concerns swiftly, minimizing the impact on users and reinforcing trust in the platform.
Operational Efficiency: MaestroQA's data-driven insights enabled TaskRabbit to optimize resource allocation, streamline training programs, and enhance overall operational efficiency, driving cost savings and maximizing productivity.
Increased User Satisfaction: With a more streamlined and responsive risk management process in place, TaskRabbit saw a notable improvement in user satisfaction scores, reflecting the enhanced safety and reliability of the platform.

Quality & Risk Operational Excellence in CX

How TaskRabbit Elevates Trust & Safety in Global Operations

Discover how TaskRabbit transformed its approach to risk management, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance safety protocols, optimize training, and drive continuous improvement. Hear firsthand from TaskRabbit's team as they share their challenges and strategies. Learn how MaestroQA's tools can revolutionize your risk management practices!

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