Data Loss Prevention (DLP) QA

MaestroQA's Data Loss Prevention helps you safeguard your sensitive information through continuous monitoring and configurable alerting. Utilizing 24/7 screen capture and logging you can get unprecedented insight on your team's activities for either forensic investigation or proactive alerting.

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Round-the-clock screen capture for unmatched data security

The core of MaestroQA’s DLP are our 24/7 Screen Capture technology and highly configurable reporting. This powerful combination ensures that every instance of data handling is recorded, providing a fail-safe mechanism against data loss or unauthorized access. By capturing screen activity at all times, your organization can enforce compliance with data handling standards, quickly identify potential breaches or investigate any suspected breaches, and maintain strict control over sensitive information.

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Sensitive Data Handling

Capture handling of sensitive data and alert on anomalous volume or behavior patterns.

Suspicious Activity

Record user activity that deviates from expected workflows (repeated failed logins, sudden changes in data access behavior, unusual system navigation patterns.)

File Transfer and Printing

Monitor file transfers (e.g., uploads to cloud services, use of personal email).

Access to Sensitive Systems

Record employee access to systems containing sensitive data. Flags suspicious access patterns for review.

Monitor Admin Activity

Monitor actions taken by users with admin / privileged users to detect misuse of these user privileges

Compliance Audits

Provide comprehensive audit trails for compliance reviews.

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