MaestroQA: Encouraging Proactive CX at Brooklinen

Brooklinen’s Challenge

Gaining a complete understanding of agent performance while continuing to scale support operations

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Negative Implication

Relying exclusively on CSAT and production metrics led to blind spots that negatively impacted CX

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The Solution

Implementing a scalable QA program with the help of MaestroQA

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Impact at Brooklinen

Actionable coaching sessions, aligned graders, happier agents, and best-in-class customer experience

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Providing customers with a best-in-class experience is a core value at Brooklinen, a luxury retailer of high-quality bed sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets, and other home essentials. Focusing on CX has certainly paid off—Brooklinen has amassed more than 100,000 five-star reviews from highly satisfied shoppers.

Brooklinen’s continued expansion of its customer support team and adoption of best-in-class CX tools demonstrate the company’s commitment to remaining customer-centric. In this case study, you’ll learn why Brooklinen chose MaestroQA for its quality assurance program.

Brooklinen Turns to QA for a Holistic POV on CX

Brooklinen’s CX team needed a more meaningful and scalable way to measure agent performance.

“At the time, we were only looking at two metrics: production and CSAT,” said Casey Brewer, Manager, CX Quality Assurance at Brooklinen. “They’re both crucial metrics, but they don’t really measure quality.”

In fact, agent CSAT scores frequently conflicted with Brooklinen’s internal standards, which created confusion for agents and managers.

“A customer would provide a great CSAT score, but the agent missed a policy or made an exception they shouldn’t have,” Brewer said. “We realized CSAT wasn’t telling us how an agent was performing—it simply expressed the customer’s sentiment for an interaction.”

Seeking to gain a comprehensive view of agent performance and surface actionable coaching opportunities, Brooklinen’s CX team decided to establish a QA program. 

After evaluating multiple platforms, Brooklinen’s CX team chose MaestroQA. 

MaestroQA’s user and agent groups, in-depth reporting, and intuitive user interface were key factors in the team’s decision-making process.

“MaestroQA just kept showing up in those areas that we needed a little bit more control,” Brewer said. “MaestroQA was also the most user-friendly platform that we found.”

Automation was another big reason why MaestroQA was the right solution for Brooklinen.

“One objective of the QA program involves ensuring agents provide best-in-class experiences for our customers, and so we needed a platform to help us automate,” Brewer said. “The automation features in MaestroQA have been quite helpful.”

Flexible grading in MaestroQA aligned with Brooklinen’s evolving customer support model, especially as the team transitioned to a fully remote work setting during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The more flexibility the platform had, the more confidence we had that it could help us expand into platforms other than just email,” Brewer said. “We also knew that the grader team would eventually grow, so we wanted to provide a customized approach for their needs, too.”

Filtering tickets in MaestroQA made it easier to analyze performance across multiple support channels and identify coaching opportunities.

“Getting super granular allows us to look at different rubric criteria across channels and see efficiency or knowledge issues,” Brewer said. “All of that data informs how we support our team and where we need additional clarity.”

Brooklinen Leverages QA to Improve CX and Reduce AHT by 25%

Grading support tickets with MaestroQA helps Brooklinen’s CX team ensure a best-in-class CX—even as the company adds more customers, agents, and graders. 

“Being able to review tickets and give meaningful feedback is such a simple, but empowering thing that we did not have before,” Brewer said. “It’s really changed how we improve the experience for customers and collaborate with agents.”

Monitoring QA metrics and trends in MaestroQA helps the team focus on higher-impact initiatives. 

“We can’t do everything at once, but we can focus on a few specific things to impact customer outcomes,” Brewer said. “Looking at our QA scores and averages has helped us know how to prioritize what needs attention.”

For example, data in MaestroQA helped Brewer spot a major bottleneck in Brooklinen’s chat flow that negatively impacted Average Handle Time (AHT). Deploying a pre-chat survey essentially eliminated this issue and reduced AHT by 25% within 30 days of deployment.

“Reducing AHT was a major goal for the year, and knocking it out quickly with such a simple fix was so exciting,” Brewer said. “QA has absolutely helped us identify quick wins.”

Brooklinen Uses Text Analytics to Trigger Proactive CX

Overcoming CX bottlenecks frees up more time for agent coaching and innovative customer programs. Brooklinen’s “holiday rescue squad” is a perfect example. Last holiday season, the team used MaestroQA to automatically flag customers who seemed frustrated with their shopping experiences.

“Gift giving is a really special thing, but it’s disappointing when an item doesn’t show up as expected,” Brewer said. “We wanted to be more proactive during the holidays and jump in as soon as possible.”

Brooklinen’s holiday rescue squad was a big success—for both shoppers and internal staff. Customers felt extra love during the stressful shopping season, and agents received real-time feedback that they needed to continuously improve.

Elevate Your QA Team’s Performance with MaestroQA 

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