Future of quality with AutoQA

Quality Teams are shifting from Random QA to Targeted Root Cause Analysis.

What metric do you believe is the most misleading to evaluate people against?

Manual QA programs were invented to solve the Metrics Trust Gap.
Poll #1
18.75% Re-Open Rate
50% Total Time to Resolution
25% Sentiment
Poll #2
45.65% CSAT
26.09% AHT
21.74% # of Touches
6.52% FCR

Quality teams are reinventing to solve this Metrics Trust Gap 100x better

Download Worksheet to document your Metric Trust Gap

Use this worksheet to map out the current metrics your team uses and mark which ones your team feels are accurate vs. misleading.

“We changed our team name from Quality Assurance to Performance Excellence

MaestroQA Customer

Our 3 Predictions On How AutoQA Will Change How Quality Teams Will Operate

QA Teams will move from primarily Random to mostly Targeted

AutoQA KPIs will fill the role of Random QA and become industry standards like CSAT, FCR, or AHT

QA teams will use productivity, QA, and CX data as a heat map to identify hotspots to deep dive

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