Getaround's Journey to Agent Performance Excellence with MaestroQA

Getaround's Shift Towards Optimized Agent Performance


Increase in CSAT

from 60 to 78% on average


Decrease in agent ramp time

from 182 days to 90 days


Increase in monthly coaching sessions

from an average of 1 to 4.1 per month / per agent

Enhancing efficiency and insight in Getaround's global support

Managing Getaround's extensive customer support network, with its 250 agents across two BPOs, presented unique challenges in agent onboarding, training, and development. These key issues necessitated a strategic overhaul in their approach to quality assurance and agent performance tracking:
Prolonged Onboarding Cycle: New agents experienced a six-month journey to full operational effectiveness, impacting the overall efficiency of Getaround's support network.
Limited Oversight of Outsourced Agents: The absence of a comprehensive system to monitor outsourced agent performance and coaching compromised the uniformity of training and service quality.
Static CSAT Scores: With customer satisfaction scores persistently at 60, there was a clear need for precise, actionable insights to resolve underlying problems in their support system.

We required agent coaching and development as part of our BPO contract, but we had no way to track whether this was being done effectively.

Adanna McAlpin

Training & Quality Manager

Streamline agent coaching and insights

By implementing MaestroQA's quality assurance and coaching solution, Getaround completely revamped its approach to agent coaching and development. Key components of this strategy included:
Coaching Dashboard: Introduction of a dynamic dashboard enabling tracking and analysis of coaching frequency and effectiveness, facilitating more impactful decision-making.
Tailored Coaching Sessions: Utilization of personalized 1:1 sessions and templates, guiding team leads to conduct detailed and individualized performance reviews.
Goal-Oriented Coaching: Team leads can track specific To-Dos and SMART goals for each agent, focusing on measurable performance improvements.
Agent Dashboard: Equips both agents and team leads with tools to analyze week-over-week performance, review key coaching points, and examine specific ticket examples for continuous improvement.

With MaestroQA's heat map, we've left the old world of navigating through multiple spreadsheets behind. Now, everything is in one place - a true game-changer for productivity and clarity.

Adanna McAlpin

Manager of Quality & Training

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Elevating agent performance from a single dashboard

Another critical factor in driving Getaround’s success was the implementation of a holistic solution that gave them complete visibility into BPO agent performance, enabling them to put insights into action faster. Capabilities of this performance dashboard included:
Integrated Performance Dashboard: A unified view of QA scores, productivity, and DSAT metrics simplifies tracking and identifying coaching needs
Omni-Channel Analysis: Comprehensive review across phone, chat, SMS, and email ensuring uniform quality assurance in every interaction.
AutoQA for Advanced Insights: Enabling custom metrics that extend beyond standard QA scorecards, providing deeper, AI-driven insights automatically.
Heat Map Visualization: Heat map technology that visually identifies performance trends, making it easier to spot coaching opportunities and address areas of concern.
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Transformative Outcomes with MaestroQA

Through the integration of MaestroQA's platform, Getaround achieved significant improvements in their customer support operations. These outcomes underscore Getaround's commitment to excellence in customer support and agent development.
Boost in Customer Satisfaction: CSAT scores soared by 30%, climbing from an average of 60% to 78%, reflecting a substantial enhancement in customer service quality.
Accelerated Agent Ramp-Up: The agent onboarding period was dramatically reduced by 120%, from 182 days to just 90 days, significantly boosting operational efficiency.
Increased Coaching Engagement: There was a 310% increase in monthly coaching sessions, with the frequency rising from an average of 1 to 4.1 sessions per month per agent, ensuring continuous agent development and performance enhancement.

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Next-Level Agent Performance Inside Getaround's Modern Coaching & Quality Strategies

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