Mastering AutoQA Scorecards

How to elevate your QA strategies and optimize for maximum business impact


Gain rapid insights with Moments, which highlights significant segments in recordings. Identify agent workflows such as call holds, tool usage, and flagged tickets for efficient coaching and process refinement.


Achieve a comprehensive understanding of complex interactions,  optimizing decision-making and problem-solving for more impactful QA.


A balanced strategy that combines AI with human expertise to ensure optimal results in understanding human interactions, contextual decision-making, and creative problem-solving.

Assess business value

Go through each question in your scorecard and ask critical questions to determine the potential business value of implementing AutoQA. These considerations will vary based on your team’s unique needs but some examples to kick-start your discussions are:

Will the proposed AutoQA enhancements significantly impact business outcomes?
Does the improvement align with operational goals?

Evaluate time savings

Assess actual time savings possible through implementing AutoQA. Given the varied grading times for different QA questions—ranging from quick to time-consuming—breaking down the time spent grading each individual QA question can help you gain a clearer understanding of where AutoQA could optimize efficiency. This will help identify AutoQA-compatible questions and distinguish those that require manual grading.

Critically explore the effectiveness of AutoQA

Curious about how whether AutoQA could really work for your team? Evaluate the effectiveness of AutoQA paired with your scorecards with our AutoQA workshop.

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Context considerations

Explore the variance in different QA aspects, particularly focusing on knowledge-related questions. This exploration will emphasize the importance of assessing the level of variance and the impact of back-end system dependencies on AutoQA effectiveness.

Unlocking optimal AutoQA performance: our expert advice

Use AutoQA as a signal detector

With a shifted perspective, AutoQA can be viewed as a signal detector rather than a one-to-one question answerer. Utilize AutoQA to identify trends, hotspots, and areas for improvement. It's not just about automatic answers; it's about leveraging AutoQA as a tool to drive continuous improvement in your organization's performance excellence.

Explore the potential of AutoQA as a valuable addition to your toolkit, but be aware of its challenges: AI alone is unable to navigate the intricacies of complex human interactions, the need for human discernment in contextual decision-making, and the unmatched significance of human creativity in problem-solving.


Mastering AutoQA Scorecards

Join our CEO Vasu Prathipati in a practical exploration of AutoQA scorecard mastery. Discover unique methods to level up your team’s performance, combining AutoQA with human discernment. Elevate your team's effectiveness with a fresh and impactful approach.