Resident’s journey to customer support excellence

See how Resident Home revolutionized their QA processes using MaestroQA. With real-time dashboards and customized metrics, they enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction dramatically. Discover the impact of seamless, data-driven quality management.

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Resident is a leading eCommerce platform specializing in home furnishings. With a unique customer support approach and a close collaboration between their engineering and support teams, Resident Home strives to provide unparalleled service to its customers.


Tools Used

MaestroQA, Five9, Stella, AgyleTime


Customer Support Channels

Phone, Chat, Email, Social Media


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Unveiling customer support challenges

Resident encountered notable challenges in optimizing its customer support operations and ensuring a seamless experience for its clientele. These challenges encompassed:

Inefficient QA processes: Manual and time-consuming QA processes hindered Resident Home's ability to provide timely feedback and coaching to their support team.
Product-centric issues: Customer support interactions frequently revolve around product-related issues, requiring insightful analysis and feedback mechanisms.
Lack of actionable insights: The absence of data-driven insights limited Resident’ ability to identify trends, address issues proactively, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Maestro QA's performance dashboards were a huge part of providing the tools and resources necessary to scale our QA program. They significantly reduced the time I had to spend on merely collecting data, which used to occupy all my time.”

Michelle Zimmerman
Quality Management Analyst

Transformation to performance excellence

Resident partnered with MaestroQA to implement a comprehensive QA solution tailored to their unique needs. Key features of this collaboration included:

Real-time monitoring: MaestroQA's real-time dashboards provided Resident Home with instant visibility into support team performance, enabling swift identification and resolution of issues.
Unlimited transcriptions: Unlike competitors, MaestroQA offers unlimited transcriptions, simplifying analysis and reducing costs.
Customized metrics: Resident Home leverages MaestroQA's customizable metrics to effectively track and analyze specific support challenges.

MaestroQA stood out to us during the vetting process because it promised a seamless implementation without the need for extensive development work. Choosing Maestro was an easy decision for us, knowing we could rely on its functionality from day one.

Empowering continuous improvement

Resident leveraged MaestroQA to overcome their challenges, implement an effective solution, and achieve remarkable results in their customer support operations.

Enhanced product support: With MaestroQA's insights, Resident Home improved their technical support processes, leading to faster issue resolution and increased customer satisfaction.
Streamlined QA processes: MaestroQA's automation capabilities streamlined Resident Home's QA processes, reducing manual effort and allowing for more focused coaching and feedback sessions.
Greater operational efficiency: MaestroQA's data-driven approach enabled Resident Home to optimize resource allocation, enhance training programs, and drive operational efficiency across their support operations.
Improved customer satisfaction: By leveraging MaestroQA's actionable insights, Resident Home saw a significant improvement in customer satisfaction scores, reflecting their commitment to delivering exceptional service.