Zendesk Integration

MaestroQA + Zendesk

Automate QA with insights tailored to your needs. Gain real-time visibility into agent performance, customer experience, and business operations.

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Supercharge your Zendesk workflow

Transform your Zendesk into a powerhouse of performance and productivity. Gain direct access to QA data, coaching insights, and performance analytics, crafted to boost agent productivity and elevate customer service to new heights.

Effortlessly view QA scores, track trends, and delve into feedback context directly from Zendesk
Provide feedback and coaching sessions without leaving the Zendesk interface
Elevate agent performance with an aggregated view of graded tickets and coaching sessions

Effortless data synchronization

Seamlessly integrate MaestroQA with Zendesk to pull in conversation data and metadata, empowering your support team with actionable insights.

Simplify data synchronization with a one-click integration
Effortless access to omni-channel conversations & metadata
Utilize Zendesk’s custom fields for tailored metrics and streamlined Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Agent performance data and feedback all in Zendesk

MaestroQA opened up a new world to agents. Managers can share reviews and provide coaching on a daily basis. It also allows managers to see how the team engages with feedback.

Bonni Poch
Customer Experience and Training Manager

Real-time visibility into team metrics

Analyze data from your Zendesk integration to drive proactive enhancements in customer service operations and achieve excellence in support quality.

Integrate Auto QA, Manual QA, helpdesk, and workforce management data for comprehensive visibility and insights.
Streamline coaching and development with a consolidated view, allowing direct coaching, grading, and feedback from the dashboard.
Customize dashboards, generate heat maps, and utilize gamified leaderboards for engaging experiences and tailored insights, all within Zendesk.
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Unleash deeper insights

Capture crucial customer-agent interactions seamlessly integrated with Zendesk, empowering efficient coaching and process refinement.

Automatically activate omni-channel screen recording during chat, voice, and email interactions inside Zendesk
Prioritize both compliance and privacy with our secure configuration options
Illuminate process gaps and efficiency bottlenecks by analyzing a complete picture of interactions
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Drive excellence with comprehensive ticket analysis

Efficiently harness data from every Zendesk ticket to fuel your quality assurance efforts with MaestroQA's Auto QA feature.

Seamlessly integrates with Zendesk, analyzing 100% of tickets for comprehensive insights.
Empowers human-centric analysis, combining automation with the expertise of your QA team.
Uncover actionable insights effortlessly with AI-enhanced analytics, driving proactive improvement strategies.
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How Zendesk uses MaestroQA to deliver world class Customer Support

Zendesk is more than just a MaestroQA integration; it is also a valued customer!

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