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Irving Oil's Success Story with MaestroQA and Salesforce


Irving Oil faced a critical transition when their communication platform, Genesys' On-Prem Voice Solution, reached its end of life. As a forward-thinking company, they recognized the need for a modern alternative to meet their evolving needs. This led them to explore Service Cloud Voice as a potential solution. However, they encountered challenges with Genesys' primarily manual program for Quality Assurance, hindering agent improvement and consistency. To maintain their industry leadership, Irving Oil embarked on a transformative journey to enhance their quality assurance processes and empower their teams for success in a rapidly changing landscape.


Irving Oil

Irving Oil operates Canada's largest refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, in addition to over 900 fuelling locations and a network of distribution terminals that extend across Eastern Canada and New England.

# of CX Agents


Tools Used

Service Cloud, Voice, Digital Engagement, MaestroQA Screen Capture, Coaching, Sentiment, Automations

Customer Support Channels

Phone, Email, Chat

Really it's about simplification of applications. Reduce complexity, reduce risk and increase functionality and support for the existing customer contact center.

Sharon Mattsson, Senior Business Solutions Analyst, Irving Oil


Salesforce introduced MaestroQA to Irving Oil, enabling them to enhance agent productivity by providing screen capture and comprehensive visibility. This solution aimed to address their specific challenge, enabling agents to improve their efficiency during customer calls. By leveraging quality insights, Irving Oil could effectively train their agents, elevate the overall customer experience, and gain valuable data to make informed decisions and achieve better outcomes. MaestroQA became the key that unlocked solutions for Irving Oil's challenges.

Why MaestroQA + Salesforce?

Irving Oil, a company aiming to become the epitome of excellence in customer support, had a specific need for a screen recording tool. However, Amazon Connect, the platform they were using, did not offer this feature. Recognizing the importance of a scalable voice solution and comprehensive visibility across omni-channel support channels, the EVP of Support turned to MaestroQA and Salesforce, seeking a best-of-breed solution that would propel their customer support to new heights.

With phone and email support in place and potential chat support expansion plans, Irving Oil recognized the significance of capturing the Voice of the Customer and leveraging feedback. They firmly believed in utilizing this feedback to develop an industry-leading support model. To achieve their ambitious goal, they required a robust quality tool to pinpoint areas for improvement and empower agents to deliver exceptional service.

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"When Salesforce mentioned that MaestroQA had been utilized by other customers they were working with, it immediately resonated with us. The success stories shared about MaestroQA's ability to deliver exactly what we were looking for left a lasting impression."

Sharon Mattsson, Senior Business Solutions Analyst, Irving Oil

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