Keeping Agents up to Speed With Rapid Product Launches

Peloton’s Challenge:

Constant new product and feature launches

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The Negative Implication:

Difficult for CX team to stay on top of new product knowledge + deliver exceptional customer experiences

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The Solution:

A QA<>Training feedback loop that uses QA data to ensure training effectiveness

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The Impact at Peloton:

Successful CX-supported product launches, and training programs that are continually improved with QA data

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Unike their 2.6 million users, Peloton doesn’t stay stationary while moving fast.

In fact, they’re constantly trying to innovate to deliver the best customer experiences across their wide range of products and services. The “Live From Home” ride series that were produced directly from instructors’ homes during the coronavirus pandemic is a great example of them continually moving their category forward.

Challenge: Rapid product and feature launches mean the CX team is always playing catch-up to the latest product knowledge

But with rapid change comes increased opportunities for miscommunication. As the people on the frontlines of customer communications, agents needed to be kept up to date with the latest updates to ensure a seamless member experience.

“If a new feature process has been implemented without proper training or communication, this may cause agents to provide incorrect solutions to our members, which is not good,” said Micaela Rodriguez, Quality Manager at Peloton.

When the COVID pandemic took hold across the world in 2020, Peloton quickly rolled out a 90-day free trial of their digital app to provide an outlet for people who were confined to their homes. To ensure agents could handle the influx of tickets from new users and existing customers, they needed to be sure their entire team had the right details and messaging necessary to respond.

The Solution: A QA-Training Loop that uses QA data to ensure training effectiveness

To keep the CX team operating like a well-maintained bike drivetrain, Micaela and the CX leadership at Peloton implemented an air-tight QA <> Training feedback loop. This feedback loop allowed them to be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve communication and training for all features and products that were being rolled out.

MaestroQA and Lessonly were the integrated solutions that were brought in to facilitate this QA <> Training Loop.

The integration between these two platforms allowed the CX leadership team at Peloton to quickly implement new products and policies, while continually assessing agent performance across these new initiatives. 

Where necessary, the assessors on the Peloton QA team could also easily assign Lessonly lessons to agents without leaving the MaestroQA grading screen and breaking their workflow.

The Impact: Successful product launches supported by CX, and training programs that are continually improved with QA data

The QA <> Training feedback loop also ensures that the Training, QA, and Operations teams are able to make data-driven decisions in their work.

These teams meet biweekly to analyze QA reporting data, and generate insights to update or reinforce training in areas that need it.

At the individual level, Lessonly acts as a real-time knowledge base that agents can tap into at any moment to provide exceptional customer experiences. It also serves as a learning management system that agents can use to uplevel themselves. 

The real magic happens with the integration - MaestroQA gives the agents the context in which they are being assigned these Lessonly retrainings (down to the actual customer interaction!), helping to further solidify their learning.

“We are constantly trying to help our agents self-serve because things are happening so quickly and there's a lot going on. We try to give them as many sources as possible at their fingertips. We also assign lessons through the MaestroQA-Lessonly integration – if we mark someone as doing something incorrectly, we assign lessons so that the agent has the knowledge to succeed in the next round.”  - Rebecca Abrams

Peloton’s robust training and quality loop has given the CX team a new gear to operate on. After implementing MaestroQA and Lessonly, the team has seen large improvements in internal QA scores amongst their agents. More importantly, agents report feeling more empowered to handle interactions in a unique and personal way, ensuring that their customers always come in first.

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