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CurrencyFair's Success Story with MaestroQA and Salesforce


CurrencyFair faced a major challenge in their QA program. Their previous method involved manually exporting Salesforce data into Excel sheets. Unfortunately, they lacked an automated system to generate tickets for different agent groups, making it difficult for support leaders to effectively oversee customer interactions and identify performance gaps among agents. The absence of actionable CX insights hindered the development of a robust agent training and coaching program, which in turn hindered team scalability and compromised the quality of support. As a result, CurrencyFair's overall operational efficiency was impacted, and there was a risk of losing valuable customers.



CurrencyFair is an online peer-to-peer currency exchange marketplace dedicated to providing fair financial services to everyone. They are particularly focused on addressing the pain points experienced by individuals who need to send money abroad, aiming to alleviate the challenges associated with international money transfers.

# of CX Agents


Tools Used

Service Cloud, Digital Engagement, MaestroQA Screen Capture, Scorecards, Coaching, Automations, Reporting

Customer Support Channels

Phone, Email

“We just basically plug it in, MaestroQA just pulls the cases, and this is where all the magic happens.”

Alexander Grabe, Associate Director, CurrencyFair


MaestroQA's implementation at CurrencyFair addressed their challenges effectively. It streamlined the QA program by automating case drafting and providing comprehensive CX insights. This enabled support leaders to monitor interactions, identify performance gaps, and design effective agent training programs. With faster onboarding, the team scaled efficiently, improving support quality and operational efficiency. MaestroQA's all-in-one solution empowered agents, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction. Ultimately, CurrencyFair successfully resolved the pain points in their QA process, optimizing their operations and bolstering customer retention.

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Why MaestroQA + Salesforce?

MaestroQA proved to be the perfect partner for CurrencyFair, addressing their specific challenges. As CurrencyFair heavily relied on Salesforce for their CRM and customer experience data hub, they needed a QA solution that seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, supported omni-channel interactions, and enabled screen recording for compliance. MaestroQA was the exclusive QA solution listed on Salesforce AppExchange that met all these criteria. Its integration allowed for a streamlined workflow and comprehensive data analysis. With MaestroQA, CurrencyFair improved their QA program, optimized agent performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and ensured compliance with screen recording requirements.

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“I would say a lot of progress has been made. We are now able to do real time audits for the new hires by giving additional coaching and feedback to them.”

Jyoti Baid, Operations Quality Manager, CurrencyFair

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