Transforming Customer Support at DoorDash

Empowering Agents, Enhancing Experiences with MaestroQA and Salesforce


DoorDash's quality program faced multiple challenges. They managed operations manually through spreadsheets across 20,000+ agents, resulting in low agility and an inability to adapt to a rapidly evolving business. Limited and fragmented data hindered insights into operational aspects and quality outcomes. Scaling beyond 10,000 agents became complex with five vendors, 20+ sites, and 20+ lines of business. DoorDash recognized the need for a more efficient and adaptable solution to overcome these challenges and align with their evolving business needs.



DoorDash fosters local economic growth by connecting consumers to local merchants and enabling Dashers to earn. Users access a wide range of options, from restaurants to pet stores, conveniently available through their platform.

# of CX Agents


Tools Used

Service Cloud, Digital Engagement, MaestroQA Scorecards, Coaching, Automations, Reporting

Customer Support Channels

Email, Chat, SMS

"In our previous state of Google sheets and Salesforce reporting. We really couldn't see trends over time. Where with MaestroQA, it's literally a click of a few buttons and you can actually see meaningful insights and data that will allow fruitful conversations to help guide decisions to improve customer experience."

Vince Hayes, Manager, Quality Assurance, Doordash


DoorDash proactively improved its support operations and quality program by partnering with MaestroQA. The implementation of MaestroQA's Quality Management Solution automated their QA program and empowered them with visibility into agent productivity and areas for improvement, enabling the team to focus on analyzing insights for business enhancements instead of manual case management and grading. Now, DoorDash is using MaestroQA’s to help them transition to a mindset of personalized and empathetic interactions using their E2A (Empathy, Advocacy, and Action) framework, aiming to drive a holistic change across their 20,000+ agent network.

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Why MaestroQA + Salesforce?

This powerful combination provides DoorDash with a best-of-breed solution that offers comprehensive visibility across omni-channel support. By utilizing MaestroQA and Salesforce, DoorDash can prioritize putting the human at the center of the support experience. This approach enables them to create personalized and empathetic interactions that result in exceptional customer experiences and foster strong brand loyalty.

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"I think that there is an alignment between the Maestro team and the Doordash team. We are in lock step achieving the same goals, specifically customer loyalty."

Vince Hayes, Manager, Quality Assurance, Doordash

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