How Yubo Built a Scalable QA Program with MaestroQA

Yubo’s Challenge:

Scaling support operations to keep pace with exponential ticket growth while ensuring high quality customer experiences

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Negative Implication:

Full resolution time exceeded 90 hours and agents struggled to effectively communicate with Gen Z customers

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The Solution:

Reimagining support operations, bringing on a BPO, and implementing a data-driven QA program

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Impact at Yubo:

48x faster first reply time, 20% reduction in full resolution time, and better training programs for agents

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Social networking app Yubo helps people discover and make new friends. Ranking in the top ten of all social networking apps on the App Store, Yubo is reinventing online friendships by delivering a safe and interactive platform.

Approximately 60% of Yubo’s support operations are dedicated to ensuring accurate identity authentication for users in order to provide a safe space for their young user base to connect with others.

Challenge: Working through a massive backlog of support tickets while staying true to Yubo’s brand voice

Rapid growth in popularity among Gen Z users created a massive backlog of tickets that Yubo’s support team struggled to get through. Overwhelming ticket volumes created long wait times for customers—first reply time was 48 hours and full resolution time was 90 hours. Continuous expansion into new markets compounded the problem.

“Our helpdesk was not structured, and the team didn’t have one view for prioritizing requests,” said Valentin Nait, Support Team Lead at Yubo. “We basically had a team that was juggling new responses and previous replies, but there was no process.”

Ensuring quality was an even bigger challenge.

“We didn’t have a way to track team performance beyond a few data points like CSAT, but CSAT doesn’t tell the whole story,” Nait said.

Yubo’s CX team had experimented with a variety of QA systems and processes—ranging from spreadsheets to free QA software—but grading tickets was too time-consuming to deliver enough insights to impact agent performance.

“We lacked measurable QA data, we didn’t have a centralized place to actually see what’s happening, and we needed a structured process for providing feedback,” Nait said. “When you don’t have any automated systems, you just do whatever you can—but that’s not a real QA program.”

Without a scalable QA program to provide continuous feedback to agents, Yubo’s support team struggled to find the right tone of voice with Gen Z-ers. Yubo’s agents—many of whom came from corporate environments with very formal communication styles—needed additional coaching from team leaders, but identifying which agents to coach first was not easy.

Solution: Streamlining support operations, scaling with a BPO, and beefing up quality

Seeking to close the gap on agent responsiveness and time to resolution, Yubo’s CX team made a number of changes to support operations.

“We structured the work of our team by providing better schedules, views, triggers, and macros, which allowed us to get out of the ticket backlog,” Nait said.

Expansion into South American markets led to another unexpected surge in ticket volume, which was quickly resolved by bringing on a BPO.

“We started to outsource part of the support to have more speed in the hiring process,” Nait said.

With support operations in a much better place, the CX team then turned its attention to QA. Realizing the need for modern QA software, Yubo decided to build its quality program on top of MaestroQA.

“At Yubo, we have a mindset of growing the team and providing them with opportunities to become better professionals and human beings,” Nait said. “We chose MaestroQA to help our team grow, provide them with feedback, align everyone on the same processes and data, and enable the fastest resolution times for customers.”

Centralizing Yubo’s QA program with MaestroQA enabled a scalable workflow for all things quality. Grading tickets with MaestroQA led to a best-in-class feedback loop to help agents continuously improve their tone of voice, deliver better replies, and verify user identification with less friction. Ongoing calibration sessions between Yubo’s graders and CX team resulted in an improved QA scorecard that surfaces meaningful data and insights.

Result: 48x reduction in first reply time, 20% improvement in full resolution time

By investing in a scalable QA program, bringing on a BPO, and streamlining its support processes in general, Yubo has already made a big impact on the customer experience. Since implementing QA, full resolution time has dropped by more than 20% and first reply time has improved by a factor of 48x—from 48 hours down to just 1 hour. 

Having a tool like MaestroQA is especially important for striking the right balance between speed and quality of response.

“MaestroQA helped us train and onboard our BPO, while making sure that they provide the same level of quality as internal agents,” Nait said.

Tracking QA scores with MaestroQA makes it easier to identify agents who could benefit from additional training.

“Tone of voice is still one of of our biggest challenges, but at least we can measure it now,” Nait said. “We’re able to identify people who need specific training, and we’re able to replicate our training sessions so that we have more velocity.”

Moving forward, QA will continue to be an important focus for Yubo’s CX team. In fact, the team is actively recruiting a QA leader and plans to leverage data from MaestroQA to inform future decisions about agent onboarding and documentation.

“As a startup, you want to grow your user base and retain people by providing good customer service,” Nait said. “When you grow fast, QA is the only way of knowing that the people on your team are doing a good job.”

Create a Scalable QA Program with MaestroQA

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