MaestroQA: WP Engine Integrates Guru with MaestroQA

WP Engine’s Challenge:

Increasing support agent usage of the knowledge base and implementing a scalable QA program 

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Negative Implication:

Agents lacked a single source of truth to solve tickets; CX leadership didn’t have a reliable way to benchmark agent performance or identify knowledge gaps

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The Solution:

Implementing MaestroQA and integrating it with Guru

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Impact at WP Engine:

99% agent adoption of Guru + meaningful QA insights that elevate agent performance

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WP Engine is a leading provider of managed WordPress services. Owners of more than 1.2 million websites in 150 countries rely on WP Engine for intuitive web hosting, faster site speeds, and best-in-class threat prevention.

WP Engine’s support team consists of 19 managers and 160 agents who provide 24/7 technical assistance to customers across the globe. WP Engine’s CX operations team exists to develop systems, processes, and enablement programs that lead to excellent customer interactions.

We sat down with Guru to understand more about their CX challenges, and how MaestroQA and Guru have partnered to solve them. Watch the full webinar here or keep scrolling for the rest of the case study!

Challenge: Eliminating knowledge gaps and developing a reliable source of QA data

In 2019, WP Engine’s agent adoption rate of Guru—a collaborative knowledge management solution—hovered between a tepid 65% and 68%. Immediately after joining WP Engine as a CX Program Manager, Jose Paez got to work diagnosing (and fixing!) the issue. As Jose quickly learned, a big part of the problem was a proliferation of legacy systems that agents were slow to give up.

“Some people were using Google Docs, some were creating their own knowledge repositories, and some were building WordPress sites with things they had learned throughout their careers,” said Paez. “It was a really big hodgepodge of information that delayed agents from helping customers.”

Overcoming documentation silos wasn’t the only challenge facing the team. WP Engine’s CX leadership knew that it needed data-driven metrics that went beyond CSAT, average handle time, and other basic support metrics. What WP Engine needed was a reliable quality program to help agents become the best versions of themselves.

“As a CX leader, you’re always hungry for more data sources to understand the customer interactions that are happening,” said Scotty Loewen, Senior Manager of Customer Experience Operations at WP Engine. “Without consistently looking at the quality of interactions, it’s impossible to gain a consistent look at what is needed and help people grow.”

Lack of reliable QA data combined with WP Engine’s documentation silos reduced the impact that mentorship and one-on-one coaching sessions had. 

“Mentorship sessions were kind of random and just relied on newer techs asking for additional information from experienced agents, but those conversations may not have correlated back to actual knowledge gaps,” Paez said.

Solution: Redesigning the knowledge base, and integrating it with MaestroQA

Implementing a logical hierarchy in Guru immediately made it easier for agents to find information—resulting in more agents using the system. 

“One of the biggest things that we did was restructuring Guru so agents felt like they had a table of contents to find what they needed,” Paez said. “We didn’t want Guru to just be a search engine but rather a big umbrella of information where agents can easily go from one step to the next.”

To lay a solid foundation for its revamped QA program, WP Engine then decided to implement MaestroQA.

“When you don’t have software that’s devoted to QA, all you have is intuition and some spreadsheets,” Loewen said. “One of the greatest gifts that MaestroQA has given us is an actual QA process.”

Integrating MaestroQA and Guru provided a convenient workflow for identifying knowledge gaps, assigning Guru cards, and creating a shared sense of accountability. During one-on-one coaching sessions, support managers attach Guru cards to graded tickets, providing agents with actionable information to improve the customer experience.

MaestroQA’s calibration features fostered alignment among WP Engine’s CX leaders and managers—particularly when it came to grading tickets.

“Everyone used to have their own concept of quality,” Loewen said. “MaestroQA’s collaborative tools helped us make sure that we’re all on the same page.”

MaestroQA’s data warehouse integration with BigQuery accelerated the team’s ability to ingest and analyze QA data alongside other data sources.

Result: 13x increase in Guru card views and fewer knowledge gaps

Restructuring WP Engine’s knowledge base and integrating it with MaestroQA eliminates information silos and increases agent usage of Guru. In fact, WP Engine’s Guru cards now receive 13,000 views per day—a 13x increase compared to before.

“We now have 99% adoption because people know that they can actually find information,” Paez said. “Agents feel supported and trust the knowledge that we’re providing them because they have one place to find everything they need.”

Attaching Guru cards to graded tickets in MaestroQA fills knowledge gaps in fewer steps, saving managers time. Holding agents accountable for continuous education leads to healthier mentoring and coaching sessions.

“Techs go into sessions already knowing where they need to improve,” Paez said. “This leads to more fruitful mentoring discussions instead of random conversations.”

Connecting MaestroQA with Guru helps CX Operations make informed decisions about educational programs that increase agent performance and lead to better customer experiences.

“This integration isn’t just awesome for our techs, but it’s also really helpful for us on the operations side,” Paez said. “We use this information to create additional knowledge in Guru, build training programs, and send out knowledge alerts so that everyone feels supported.”

Connect the Dots Between QA & Your Knowledge Base

Looking to increase user adoption of your knowledge base?

Connect MaestroQA to Guru and easily attach knowledge cards to any graded ticket. Create accountability with your team, fill knowledge gaps, and align your efforts around an enhanced customer experience.

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